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The conference is not organised around any particular theme although certain key concerns may well emerge. For example:

• the effects of globalisation on our work

• sustaining political commitment and ideological coherence in hard times

• developing alliances and strategic collaborations

• radicalising research and making it ‘really useful’

• contesting managerialism and the culture of the accountant

• respecting diversity without abandoning solidarity

• exploiting relative autonomy

• working with progressive social movements

• developing curriculum and pedagogy

• using ICT in subversive and counter-hegemonic ways

• engaging dialectically with the politics of policy

• developing more democratic, creative and expressive ways of working.

The conference will be plenary / round table / seminar / workshop / film-based with the emphasis on discussion, dialogue and debate rather than the formal presentation of academic/research papers. We would also welcome ideas or suggestions about anything in particular you would like to see in the conference programme - or you would wish to offer.

Last Updated: 12 February 2014

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