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Semester 1

  1. Thursday 18 September 2014

    Venue: New Anatomy Lecture Room (nALR), Department of Anatomy, Biomedical Sciences Building

    Time: 1.00pm

    Presentation 1

    Title: Modulation of Intracellular Chloride  to Regulate Synaptic Plasticity and Rescue Cognitive Functions in Down Syndrome.

    Presenter: Gabriele Deidda,  Dipartimento di Neuroscience and Brain Technologies all'Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT)

    Presentation 2

    Title: Animal models of anxiety and depression, Endocannabinoids and Antianxiety drugs

    Presenter: Wojciech  Slupski, Wroclaw Medical University, Department of Pharmacology, Poland

    Presentation 3

    Title: Attempts at expanding Tregs and conversion into effector T cells 

    Presenter: Mark Farrugia, MSc candidate, University of Malta

    Presentation 4

    Title: Testing chemicals from chemists across Europe for leukaemia differentiation

    Presenter: Maya Holmdahl, Visiting researcher. University of Uppsula

  2. Wednesday 08 October 2014

    Quantitative modeling of spontaneous movement in infants

    Presenter: Prof Victoria Galea

    Time: 2.00pm

    University of Malta, Gateway Building Room 205 (GW205)


Semester 2

  1. Monday 23 February 2015

    Title: Use of electrical stimulation of the leg following infra-inguinal bypass surgery

    Presenter: Max Mifsud

    icon_pdf Abstract

  2. Monday 02 March 2015

    Title: Genetics of osteoporotic fractures in the Maltese population

    Presenter: Melissa Formosa 

    icon_pdf Abstract

  3. Monday 9 March 2015

    Presentation 1

    Title: Benefits obtained following a 12 week pulmonary rehabilitation programme - one year follow up.

    Presenter: Anabel Sciriha

    icon_pdf Abstract

    Presentation 2

     The role of cardiolipin in the interaction of amyloidogenic proteins with mitochondrial membranes 

    Presenter: Angelique Camileri

    icon_pdf Abstract

  4. Monday 16 March 2015

     A qualitative study of the general public and healthcare professionals to understand medication wastage related behaviours and potential reduction strategies

    Presenter: Lorna West

    Time: 4:00 - 5:00 pm

    Venue: LC120, Lecture Centre Building, University of Malta. Please note that this room is located in the building behind the main library

    icon_pdf Abstract

  5. Monday 20 April 2015

    Title: Molecular classification of breast cancer with focus on PP2A deregulation

    Presenter: Shawn Baldacchino 

    icon_pdf Abstract

  6. Monday 27 April 2015

    Title: Relevance of antimicrobial testing in dentistry

    Presenter: Cher Farrugia

    icon_pdf Abstract

  7. Friday 15 May 2015

    Title: Genetic characterisation of the Mediterranean box jellyfish (Carybdea marsupialis)

    Presenter: Kristian Pulis

    Venue: MP216

    icon_pdf Abstract

  8. Monday 25 May 2015
Title: Cytokine-induced activation of the SAA2 promoter

Presenter: Anne Marie Bonello

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Venue: LC120, Lecture Centre

University of Malta

Time: 4.00 – 5.00 pm unless otherwise indicated

(TBA: To be announced)

Last Updated: 24 May 2015

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