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Dates 9 - 11 September 2014

Venue Faculty of ICT, University of Malta

Time Starting Tuesday 9th September @ 0900. Briefing will be held between 1000-1200. The serious game jam session will kick off at 12 noon. 

Prizes TBA

Fee € 30 includes 48-hour Game Jam, Wi-Fi access, coffee break and snacks.

Registration Please use this link to register your participation in the serious game jam.


  • Teams are made up of 2-5 members who are 18 years old and over. Individuals may also apply. 
  • Themes and game mechanics will be given to the participants during the briefing on the first day of the game jam.
  • The game jam has a fair focus on the programming of games, however, adequate artistic presentation is also important and encouraged.
  • The game jam will run continuously for 48 hours. Food, drinks and refreshments will be provided. No alcohol is allowed inside the venue. Inadequate behaviour will not be accepted and may lead to expulsion from the game jam.
  • Adequate bathroom facilities including the use of showers will also be provided during these hours. 
  • Participants may choose to leave the game jam venue at any point during daytime hours up until 1900. The game jam venue will be closed for entry between 1900-0700. Anyone who leaves the venue during these times will be unable to return until the venue opens again at 0700. 
  • Game jam participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops/machines. Participants who are not able to get their own machines, need to inform us at least 3 working days in advance by sending an email to
  • Participation and development are not restricted to any specific game engine though laptops provided by the organizers will be limited to having only one game engine installed.
  • Any IP (Intellectual Property) resulting from the games is shared between the team members of the participating team.
  • Photographs and video may be taken throughout the game jam. Should any participant expressly wish not to be photographed/filmed, they need to send an email to

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • 32 bits, Dual Core CPU with at least 2 GHZ.
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card with 512 MB RAM (ideally one that supports OpenGL)

Serious Game Jam

What is it?

The serious game jam lasts 48 hours and its aim is to bring together different people from the gaming industry or other creative fields to develop a prototype of a game in the amount of time specified. During the game jam the participants’ skill of fortitude and the ability to work under pressure will also be tested as well as their creativity in the design of the prototype. Most of these events feature very original and diverse games. The games created are usually not well polished but more of a prototype. Participants may take the opportunity to test out new ideas for gameplay or game design. It is also fun to work with other participants from different areas of expertise to create a new product. 

What do you need? 

    • Machines with a game engine installed (like Unity3d) and programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender,3D Studio Max or Gimp. Participants are encouraged to bring their own hardware to the game jam.
    • The game jam is restricted to a maximum number of 50 (10 teams of maximum of 5 participants).
    • The serious game jam organising team will be providing food and drinks at specific hours, namely breakfast, lunch and dinner. Additional food can be bought on campus or from the different food catering outlets near the area during the day and brought to the venue. No alcohol will be allowed inside the venue. 
    • Showers will also be provided for the game jam participants. 
    • A space inside the venue where the participants can rest throughout the 48 hours will be provided excluding bedding. Participants may however opt to get their own sleeping bags/cushions.
    • The serious game jam will be held in a large hall so all the participants will be working in the same area. 
    • Teams can be set up in advance. However the final team list will be issued during the Tuesday briefing. It might be that although the team is set in advance additional individual participants may join.  

Judging Criteria 

At the end of the event the teams are invited to showcase their prototype games in front of the judges and this is also usually open to the public. The entries for the serious game jam will be judged upon: 

    • Adherence to the set theme for the game jam. The theme will focus around a serious game theme. The main theme will be given out during the briefing. Participants are encouraged to research and find more information about serious games before the game jam. 
    • Creativity. The entries will be judged on the creative use of the resources limited to restrictions of time and space.
    • Development complexity. The level of complexity of the prototype in relation to the scope of the game will also be examined. It doesn’t necessarily mean that more complex prototypes will be awarded more points. 
    • Game Mechanics. The mechanics used throughout the development will score points depending on the level of complexity of their outcome. 
How can we help? 

Throughout the event the organising team shall be offering: 

    • Logistical support – a member of the organising team will be present throughout to assist the participants with their queries.
    • Technical support – A technical officer will also support the participants during office hours.
    • Health and safety officer – In case of emergencies, a qualified health and safety officer will assist participants with their needs. In case of any medical issues, as well as special dietary requirements participants are invited to send an email to














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