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 Information on the Submission of the Research Ethics Proposal 


Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy Research Ethics Committee (FEMA FREC)



The procedures on how ethical issues are reviewed in research are explained in the University of Malta Research Ethics Review Procedures found on the University Research Ethics Committee’s (UREC) website.  


Researchers (also referred to as applicants) are to follow the guidelines as outlined in the University of Malta Research Code of Practice also found on UREC’s website in the above-mentioned link. One is also strongly advised to refer to the set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on UREC’s website.


The procedure to submit the research proposal is undertaken via an online form which needs to be filled in and submitted.  It is important to note that the previous downloadable forms have been discontinued.  The first step is to download the full replica of the new online form to familiarise oneself with its contents and requirements and to consult with the supervisor as necessary. The research ethics and data protection form [link to form] should then be filled in online; the form itself provides information on the submission process.

"On submission, you will receive a PDF version of your form together with your unique ID. You may return to your form and edit it if you keep a copy of the link. Each time you edit it, you will receive a PDF. Once you are satisfied with the form, please submit the final version to the FREC secretary [link to email address to be used]<> indicating whether you are submitting FOR RECORDS or FOR REVIEW and attaching the zipped folder of materials. In all instances, students are to copy their supervisor when submitting, who must confirm that the form reflects the contents of the research proposal which abides by the University of Malta Research Code of Practice. Until this confirmation, the submission will remain pending." 

Submissions to FEMA FREC 


Undergraduate DegreesNot later than the 10th November at 17 hrs, of the current Academic year in which they are to start work on their Thesis.

Postgrad Degrees: Not later than the 10th April at 17 hrs, of the Academic year in which they are to start work on their Thesis.

Academic Submissions (i.e. Academic Researchers including Lecturers, PhD candidate and MA by Research Candidates): Not later than the 10th of every month before starting to work on their Paper.


The online form has four parts:

Part 1: Applicant and project details

Part 2: Self-assessment

Part 3: Detailed evaluation

Part 4: Submission


 The FEMA FREC is made up of:  


  Dr Simon Grima (Chair), Department of  Insurance

  Dr Ian P. Cassar, Department of Economics

  Dr Francis Debono, Department of Accountancy 

  Dr Nathaniel Massa, Department of Management and MBA Degree

  Ms Josian Grech (Secretary)

  Fema Ethics Committee Email <>


 Sub- Committee

 Dr. Robert Suban  Department of Banking and Finance

 Dr. Marie Louise Mangion Department of Public Policy

 Dr. Emanuel Said Department of Marketing

 Dr. Stefano Moncada Institute for European Studies 

 Mr. Luke Fiorini Centre for Labour Studies

 Dr Dane Munro  Institute for Tourism, Travel & Culture

 Dr. Leonie Baldacchino  Edward de Bono Institute for the Design and Development of Thinking



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