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BSc (Hons) in Business and IT
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Dissertation Titles

Bachelor of Science in Business and Information Technology


  • The Readiness of Physiotherapists to use technology in their profession, Azzopardi Bencini Michael, 2016.
  • An analysis of the current local e-skills gaps and mismatches within the igaming  and financial industries, Cachia Ryan, Mifsud Julian, 2016.
  • Understanding the growth of the gaming industry in Malta during these past 12 years, Cilian Bogdan Valentin, 2016.
  • The impact of using web-based technologies in HRM within 5 star Hotels on the Maltese Islands - An Analysis, Dimech Stephanie, Falzon Rebecca, 2016.
  • The current state of usability within a local healthcare software interface: a usability study concerning practitioner satisfaction and performance, Farrugia Justin, 2016.
  • An investigation on the drivers and inhibitors of cryptocurrency in Malta, Galea Luke Daniel, 2016.
  • The Analysis of the Recruitment Process through the use of Disruptive Technologies within the Maltese Islands, Gatt Luke, Schembri Anthony, 2016.
  • Assessing the readiness of companies operating in Malta to using Innovative Digital Training and Development Programmes, Gauci Laura Marie, 2016.
  • Protecting Online Services - A proxy-based machine learning architecture, Grech Andrew, 2016.
  • Big Data: A New Era in Business and I.T, Mifsud Bonnici Karl, 2016.
  • An analysis on the use of cloud services within tech start-up companies in Malta, Portelli Dianne, 2016.
  • Transitioning from University student to an IT professional, Powell Jeffrey, 2016.
  • Analysing the Enablers and Barriers of Cloud Computing Adoption for SMEs in Malta, Saliba Daniel, 2016.
  • Social Media and how it is affecting Human Relations when recruiting people within a company, Spiteri Brendon, 2016.
  • A machine learning based approach for intrusion prevention using honeypot interaction patterns as training date, Zammit Daniel, 2016.


  • The impact of technology on Human Resource Management within the Maltese government, Agius Jean-Pierre, Zammit Daniela, 2015.
  • An investigation in using Social Media combined with tuition in Maltese Higher Secondary State Schools, Aquilina Joseph Charles, Mallia Sergio, 2015.
  • Proof of concept: An RFID Patient Tracking Architecture at Mater Dei Hospital, Malta, Bonnici Daniel, 2015.
  • An investigation into the drivers and inhibitors of Cloud Adoption in Public Administration, Buttigieg Emanuel, Caruana Joshua, 2015.
  • Design of a Remote Patient Monitoring system for Heart Disease Patients, Calleja Matthew, 2015.
  • A Mobile Augmented Reality Approach using Social Media assisted by a Recommender System: A Prototype implementation in Tourism, Cassar Andre, Spiteri Geoffrey, 2015.
  • An Investigation into Cloud Based Service Delivery Models at University of Malta, Cassar Andrea, Chetcuti Janelle, 2015.
  • The effectiveness of form factor Adapt and Platform Agnostic services for increased (future) inclusion/participation and reach for e-government service delivery, Magro Juanita, Spiteri Roslianne, 2015.
  • Improving data collection methodologies of Basketball players and exploring data analysis opportunities, Mifsud Andrea, 2015.
  • Utilising Big Data to improve Malta's Workforce, Pace Matthias, 2015.
  • Trust in online retailers - the case of sporting goods, Spiteri David, 2015.
  • An investigation of the influences determining the adoption of cloud based approaches within the health sector, Tonna Stephen, 2015.

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