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Mark Casha studied Advertising Design in Venice Italy and read for an Honours Degree in Communications at the University of Malta. He is currently completing his Masters in IT at the University of Malta with a focus on User Interaction with Web sites.  
He joined FEMA as a research assistant in 2002 to work as a multimedia specialist on a Euromed Heritage 2 project.  He was elected on the editorial board of the project website and served as a technical advisor to the other 13 international partners in the project.
Since then he has lectured in various departments within FEMA including the Department of Management, Tourism Studies and Marketing.  His primary focus is the use of the Internet and the World Wide Web as a driving force in today’s economy and is conducting research in the area of user interaction.        


eBusiness - yr4 elective for Management students
Web Development for Business– yr 2 Management & Marketing students
Web Development for Tourism– yr 3 Tourism Studies students
Business Simulation – yr 4 Management Hons. Students
Direct Marketing & eCommerce – yr 2 Marketing/Insurance Students
Management Communication & Presentation Techniques – yr 2 B.Com students
eTourism 1 – IT in tourism – yr 2 Tourism Studies students


Coordinator of the MBA Programme
Website coordinator for FEMA.
Member of the Web Advisory Committee of the University of Malta.
The WAC was a committee set up to study and decide upon the setup of the new University website, including system analysis and requirements, solutions research, tendering, and design and navigation issues.


Design services for The University of Malta (Communications Office) since 2008

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Time-tables for Evening Courses for the Academic Year 2017/18 - Semester 1
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