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Guidelines for Marketing Students from the University of Malta


CHECKLIST - Selection of Study Units 

  1. Get the ERASMUS Form available from the University of Malta ERASMUS Office.
  2. Go through the University of Malta Marketing Programme of Studies  for your course year and semester and list the corresponding study units on the form.
  3. Select study units with similar topics offered by the foreign university of your choice and list on the form. If the topics are not identical, list the next closest option.
  4. Check that the selected units are:
    • Not the same as the study units you will be taking when you return to Malta;
    • Not the same as the study units which you have completed in previous semesters.
  5. If you cannot find study units for the same topics in the same year, the university abroad may allow you to choose study units from a different year.
  6. Check that the study units you have chosen make up the same total of ECTS as the semester in Malta.
  7. Leave the ERASMUS Form with the secretary of the Marketing Department (tel: 23403478). 
  8. The form will be reviewed and signed by the Marketing Department.
If you wish to discuss your Erasmus visit with the Marketing Department please prepare steps 1-6 prior to setting a meeting.



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Ethics Forms & Guidelines
All students are to fill in these forms and hand in to their respective departmental Secretary. 
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