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Research Initiatives

The Marketing Department applies a Triple Helix framework for the strategic development of its Research Initiatives Programme. The three point strategy of innovative research lies in our aim to link Academia, Industry and Society in our projects. Faculty research and student projects are embedded in the industry's requirements for field work spanning a wide range of data collection methodologies. Social research is conducted in the field of sustainability, social responsibility and social awareness. Current research papers of the Marketing Department faculty are listed within each faculty member's individual web profile.

Academic Research Seminars

Each semester the Marketing Department showcases cutting edge research projects and dissertation research conducted by faculty and students. The Research Seminars are regular events consisting of presentations to an audience of students, researchers and research supervisors. The objective of the seminars is to highlight the breadth and depth of research conducted at the Marketing Department and to generate insightful discussions within our growing research community.

- 'Internet of Things and the Adoption of Wearable Technology', March 2016

- 'Social Marketing Seminar', February 2016

- 'The Digital Orientation of European SMEs: Initial Findings From an International Study', February 2015

- 'Why Every Business Needs an Experimenter: Behavioural Insights for Marketers', October 2014

- 'Masterclass in Experimentation for Research in Marketing and Economics', October 2014

- 'Social Marketing Seminar', October 2014

- 'Why Every Business Needs an Experimenter: Behavioural Insights for Marketers', April 2014

- 'Making Sense of Social Media Data', April 2014

- 'Mediterranean and China: Marketing Opportunities and the Chinese Economy', December 2013

- 'Social Marketing Seminar', October 2013 

- 'Marketing Science - Commercial and Societal Perspectives', April 2013


Dissertation Projects

As part of the Honours Degree Programme, the dissertation is intended for students to extend their understanding of Marketing and to develop an independent research project. By the end of the dissertation the students gain the skill to communicate complex professional and academic issues, formulate and analyse complex scholarly issues independently, systematically and critically, critically appraise various methods of analysis, work as a member of a community of learners and continue to develop their own competence and specialisation.

See the Dissertation Projects link below

Dissertation Titles and Abstracts

Proposal and Dissertation Guidelines in VLE MRK4111 (for enrolled students and supervisors)





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Time-tables for Evening Courses for the Academic Year 2017/18 - Semester 1
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