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March 2016
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Department of Marketing Seminar March 2016  



Internet of Things and the Adoption of Wearable Technology




Date: Wednesday 2nd March 2016, Time: 12:00 hrs

Venue: Seminar Room 420 Level 4, Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy





Dr Ana Domingos Canhoto
Chair in Digital Marketing
Visiting Academic
Oxford Brookes University

Prof Tanya Sammut-Bonnici
Head, Marketing Department
University of Malta




Understanding Drivers of Adoption vs. Use of Wearable Technology 

Speaker: Dr Ana Canhoto

Digital and mobile technologies such as fitness trackers, smart watches, healthcare apps, and wearable devices, have changed the focus of the healthcare industry to an increased emphasis on prevention programs that enable patients to become active and take own responsibility for their healthcare outcomes. These benefits will only materialise, however, if users adopt and use these products. This study investigates drivers of adoption and sustained use of mobile health technology among non-specialist users. It reveals that while perceived tangible benefits are the key drivers of initial adoption, sustained use is driven by completely different features, namely socialisation and gamification. These findings contribute to the conceptual understanding of consumers’ attitudes towards wearable technology. The findings also provide valuable guidance to firms investing in the development and marketing of these devices, as well as key insight for government initiatives aimed at combating rising levels of obesity and diabetes.

Internet of Things, Sharing Economy and Future Jobs 

Speaker: Prof Tanya Sammut Bonnici

The global economy is entering the third wave of information technology, characterised by interconnected platforms of people, objects and resources. The Internet of Things (IoT) as a technology enabler of the Sharing Economy and its global platforms are due to grow exponentially in the next decade, placing demands on skills and changing the employment landscape for hybrid competencies in finance, banking, accounting, in managing creative teams and in driving innovation.


Speakers' Profiles

Dr Ana Canhoto 

Dr Ana Canhoto's research focuses on customer profiling and customer management. Active research projects include the development and analysis of digital footprints, the use of algorithms in targeting and personalization, and the role of mobiles in shopping. Ana is the chair of the Academy of Marketing's Special Interest Group on Customer Relationship Management and Services Marketing. Ana has published in various leading academic journals, authored books on profiling and customer management, and is a regular contributor to key marketing conferences. In addition to teaching and researching, Ana consults on topics of digital marketing strategy and customer engagement. To contact Dr Ana Canhoto please click here

Prof Tanya Sammut Bonnici 

Professor Tanya Sammut-Bonnici is the Joint Editor of the Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Strategic Management and Head of the Marketing Department at the University of Malta. She was awarded the honorary title of Associate Fellow at Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, UK and is Guest Editor of the Management Research Review.  Her research is published in the International Journal of Management Reviews, European Business Journal, Encyclopedia of International Management, Encyclopedia of Marketing Management, as well as leading textbooks including Strategy Analysis and Practice and Dynamics of International Strategy. Her contribution to academia lies in the triad of evolutionary dynamics: Darwinism, complexity and probability, and their application in the strategic management of network industries and ICT markets. To contact Prof Tanya Sammut Bonnici please click here.



  • The seminar is free of charge and open to the general public and all faculty members, students, industry and social partners.
  • No booking required.
  • Parking: please ask for parking display tags at the university gates.


We look forward to see you on the day of the seminar!


For more information please contact:


Ms Brenda Vella
Department Administrator


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