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The Department of Public Policy is proud of its excellence in teaching and research. This is coupled with integrating practical experience with theoretical study by means of an elective work placement. 


The objectives of the Public Policy placements are to:

  • gain practical experience in the application and usefulness of knowledge gained at University. 

  • develop personal and transferable skills such as: communication (speaking, writing, listening); planning and time management; problem solving and analytical skills; decision making; Initiative and creativity.
  • further develop business skills such as undertaking research; writing reports; making presentations; attending seminars; learning as much as possible about the profession. 


How does it work? - Placement Leaflet [PDF]

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Exam Timetable Resits 2018

September Resit Timetables for Day and Evening exams.

Semester 1 Time-table 2018/19 - Evening Courses
Time-tables for Evening Courses for the Academic Year 2018/19 - Semester 1
Semester 1 Time-table 2018/9 - Day Courses
Time-tables for Day Courses for the Academic Year 2018/19 - Semester 1
FEMA Day Examination Timetable
Examination time-table for Day Courses - September 2018
FEMA Evening Examination Timetables
Examination time-table for Evening Courses September  2018
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