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AcronymFull Title & End DateUM Principal Investigator
CA16102Cost Action meeting on the subject of Psychiatry
1st June 2019
Dr David Cassar
MyWaveEuropean network for advancing Electromagnetic hyperthermic medical technologies
Dr Lourdes Farrugia
CA15117Space Sciences and Astronomy Meeting
4th-10th April 2019
Dr Jackson Said
CA16217Metallurgy & materials engineering meeting
25th March 2019
Professor Ing. Joseph Buhagiar
IC1405Meeting re Computer Science Research
11th March 2019
Professor Adrian Francalanza
CA16102Meeting re Psychiatry Research
4th March 2019
Dr David Cassar
IS1405Anatomy Meeting
5th November 2018
Professor Jean Calleja Agius
CA15135Meeting re "MuTaLig & Companies: the multi-targeting drug discovery with implications at industrial level”
18th - 19th October 2018
Professor David Magri
CA15110ECost Meeting on behalf of the Research Support Services Directorate
1st October 2018
Ms Deborah A. Duca
CA16211ECost Meeting re Youth and Community Studies
24th May 2018
Dr Maria Brown
IC1407Cost Action Meeting re Physics
19th April 2018
Dr Louis Zammit Mangion
ES1402Cost Action Meeting re Oceanography
17th April 2018
Professor Aldo Drago
CA16122Cost Action Meeting re Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
6th March 2018
Dr Ing. Joseph Buhagiar
IS1310ECOST Meeting
29th January - 2nd February 2018
Dr Jean Paul De Lucca
FA1405Rural Sciences & Food Systems ECost Meeting
24th - 26th January 2018
Professor David Mifsud
CA15221Cost Action Meeting re Learning and Innovation
24th January 2018
Dr Michelle Attard Tonna
CA16104COST Action ECOST-MEETING - Astronomy
22nd January 2018
Dr Jackson Said
TD1406Conservation & Built Heritage ECost Meeting
26th September 2017
Dr Shirley Cefai
CA15120Pathology ECost meeting
13th September 2017
Professor Godfrey Grech
CA15105Chemistry ECost Meeting
12th September 2017
Professor Claude Farrugia
CM1306COST CM1306-ECOST-MEETING-CM1306-260317-Therese Hunter
26th - 28th March 2017
Dr Therese Hunter
TD1206COST TD1206-ECOST-MEETING-TD1206-140317-Marceline Naudi
14th - 16th March 2017
Dr Marceline Naudi
TD1210COST TD1210-ECOST-MEETING-TD1210-010217-Milena Dobreva
1st-3rd February 2017
Professor Milena Dobreva
CA15207COST CA15207-ECOST-MEETING-CA15207-260117-George Vital Zammit
26th - 27th January 2017
Dr George Vital Zammit
TD1404COST TD1404-ECOST-MEETING-TD1404-160117-Alexandra Buttigieg
16th-17th January 2017
Professor Sandra Buttigieg
CM1402COST CM1402-ECOST-MEETING-CM1402-021116-Ulrich Baisch
2nd-4th November 2016
Dr Ulrich Baisch
MCST IPA: JRC-IHCPMCST Internationalisation Partnership Awards: Setting up of a partnership between JRC-IHCP and UoM-DMME for the study of NanoMaterials
Dr Ing. Glenn Cassar
18th-21st April 2016
Dr Antoine Zammit
TD1201ECOST-MEETING-TD1201-180416-070590-Hermann Bonnici
18th-20th April 2016
Mr Hermann Bonnici
19th-20th April 2016
Professor Louis Cassar
17th-18th March 2016
Dr Adrian Francalanza
MP1209ECOST-MEETING-MP1209-220216-Andre Xuereb
22nd-24th February 2016
Dr Andre Xuereb
COST TU-1208COST TU1208-ECOST-MEETING-TU1208-250116-Sebastiano D'Amico
25-29 January 2016
Dr Sebastiano D'Amico
9th-11th November 2015
Dr Marceline Naudi
2nd-3rd November 2015
Dr Oleksandr Pastukhov
29-30 October 2015
Dr Emanuel Buttigieg
7 - 9 October 2015
Dr Philip Bonanno
3 - 4 September 2015
Professor Milena Dobreva
27-28 May 2015
Professor Maria Attard
8-12 June 2015
Professor Maria Attard
TU1304Wind Energy Technology Reconsideration 1st Training School
27-30 May 2015
Dr Ruben Paul Borg
BM1208Imprinting Disorders ECOST-MEETING-BM1208-270415
27-29 April 2015
Dr Edith Said
FA1202Training School BacFoodNet
21-24 April 2015
Dr Vasilis Valdramidis
9-10 April 2015
Dr Christian Colombo
IC1207PARSEME - Parsing & Multiword Expressions. Towards linguistic precision and computational efficiency in natural language processing
19-20 March 2015
Mr Mike Rosner
MP1301MC and WG meetings
25-26 February 2015
Dr Ing. Joseph Buhagiar
IS1005Medieval Europe - Medieval Cultures and Technological Resources
22-24 October 2014
Dr Simon Mercieca
IS1208Collaboration of Aphasia Trialists
21-23 May 2014
Dr Ritienne Grima
IS1206Femicide Across Europe
7-8 May 2014
Dr Marceline Naudi
BM1205European Network for Skin Cancer Detection Using Laser Imaging
28-29 April 2014
Professor Charles Sammut
IS1201Responding Ethically to Disaster Refugees
24-25 April 2014
Professor Pierre Mallia
IC11062nd International Workshop on Biometrics and Forensics 2014
27-28 March 2014
Ms Joanna Vella
IS1106Offender Supervision in Europe
27-28 March 2014
Dr Sandra Scicluna
IS1102Local Stakeholders Workshop
12 December 2013
Dr Maureen Cole
ISO0907Childbirth Cultures & Consequence
21-23 November 2013
Dr Rita Borg Xuereb
CM1005Supramolecular Chemistry in Water
9-11 November 2013
Dr David Magri
CM1103Interdisciplinary Chemical Approaches for Neuropathology
22-25 October 2013
Professor Giuseppe Di Giovanni
ICTICT Annual Progress Conference and DC Meeting
12-14 June 2013
Dr Ing. Saviour Zammit
MP1005ECOST Training School
20-22 March 2012
Dr Joseph Buhagiar
CA18223Future communications with higher-symmetric engineered artificial materials
1st December 2019
Professor Kristian Zarb Adami
11th December 2019 - 11th January 2020
Professor Adriana Vella
CA16206Unlocking the transformative potential of culture and the arts
4th-5th November 2019
Dr Vincent Caruana
CA15106E-Cost Meeting in the area of Chemistry
21st October 2019
Professor Giovanna Bosica
CA18138Research Innovation and Sustainable Pan-European Network in Peripartum Depression Disorder
2nd March 2020
Dr David Cassar
CA16202Cost Action meeting in the area of earth systems
14th January 2020
Dr Charles Galdies
6th December 2019
Professor Brenda Murphy
22nd-29th November 2019
Dr Melissa Marie Formosa
9th January 2020
Professor Pauline Galea
9th January 2020
Professor Pauline Galea
CA17124ECost Meeting in the area of Computer Information Systems
23rd October 2019
Dr Joseph G. Vella
27th - 30th March 2017
Dr Andre Xuereb
IS1401e-Cost Meeting Languages and Humanities Education
18th October 2017
Professor Charles L. Mifsud
TD1301Cost Meeting
7th - 9th June 2017
Professor Charles V. Sammut
MP1404Meeting and Training re Emerging Device and Particle Engineering Technologies for Optimal Pulmonary Drug Delivery
20th - 23rd February 2017
Professor Maria Cordina
3rd - 4th April 2017
Mr Joseph Bonello
CA16104Cost Action Meeting
22nd January 2018
Dr Jackson Said
CA15221Cost Action Meeting
Dr Michelle Attard Tonna
CA18122ECost meeting in the area of Anatomu
13th September 2019
Professor Pierre Schembri Wismayer
CA17114ECost Meeting in the area of Social Policy and Social Work.
19th September 2019
Dr Sue Vella
CA17116E-Cost Training School in the area of Anatomy
2nd October 2019
Professor Pierre Schembri Wismayer
CA16234Cost Action Meeting Medicine & Surgery
23rd March 2019
Professor Jean Calleja Agius
CA15222ECost Meeting in the area of Health Services Management
19th September 2019
Professor Sandra Buttigieg

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