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AcronymFull Title & End DateUM Principal Investigator
ACOTHERMAdvanced Computational Techniques for Dynamic Medical Thermography
31 December 2019
Dr Owen Falzon
Agent NovobioCharacterisation of a novel bioactive agent for the treatment of leukaemia and other cancers.
19 February 2023
Dr Marion Zammit Mangion
ANTENNAANTENNA - Ultrawideband Antenna Array
31 May 2017
Professor Kristian Zarb Adami
ARGOAugmented Reality For General aviation aircraft operations
31 December 2019
Dr Jason Gauci
ASATYCStudies of the Effects of Aspirin on Metabolism and Programmed Cell Death (PCD) in Redox Compromised Yeast Cells
28 February 2019
Professor Rena Balzan
Baldness ReversalBaldness Reversal Treatments
30 April 2016
Dr Pierre Schembri Wismayer
BEABuoy Eau Air: Safety multiple drone 
12 June 2022
Dr Robert Camilleri
BLUE OCEAN ENERGYConversion of wave energy in a DEXAWAVE scale model converter – focusing on Mediterranean region and wave climate
30 April 2013
Professor Luciano Mule Stagno & Professor Aldo Drago
CLEAN FLIGHTCleaner Flight Operations in departure and approach of Maltese Airspace
30 September 2013
Professor Ing. David Zammit Mangion
CLEAN FLIGHT 2Cleaner Flight Operations in Departure and Approach in Maltese Airspace - 2nd Phase
30 September 2016
Professor Ing. David Zammit Mangion
DataDearEmpowering SMEs with tools to help them move to Cloud Computing
11 June 2019
Dr Joseph G. Vella
DIACOMInvestigation of Advanced Metal - Diamond Composites for Thermal Management Applications
28 February 2015
Dr Ing. Stephen Abela
DIGIMOCLOUDDigital Gaming Clouds for Mobile Users
31 March 2015
Dr Ing. Saviour Zammit
Double C-BlockDesign of a new thermal building block
31 December 2019
Professor Vincent Buhagiar
DOWDesign and Analysis of an Innovative Offshore Wind Turbine Support Structure for Deep Water Applications in the Maltses Islands
31 October 2012
Professor Tonio Sant
30 June 2019
Dr Jason Gauci
EPILEFREEClosed-loop Serotonin Optogenetic Stimulation with EEG Recording to Suppress Epileptic Seizures: A Therapeutic Device
31 March 2018
Professor Giuseppe Di Giovanni
EX-MMIMExploiting Multi-Material Micro Injection Moulding for Enhancing Manufacturing Competitiveness
1 November 2015
Dr Ing. Philip Farrugia
EYE-COMMUNICATERobust, Cost-Effective Eye-Gaze Technology for Assisted Communication
30 April 2015
Professor Ing. Kenneth Camilleri
EyeConEye-based Control
12 August 2022
Dr Tracey Camilleri
FaceLIFTFACE: Language, Image, features, text
31 December 2019
Dr Ing. Reuben Farrugia
FACTSFabrication of Advanced Hybrid Composite Sandwich Panels - Testing and Simulation
11 September 2013
Dr Ing. Claire De Marco
FIHIFood Inspection using Hyperspectral Imaging
29 January 2020
Dr Owen Falzon
FireCompInnovate Fibre Reinforced Composites Designed for Higher Structural Performance
31 October 2013
Professor Ing. Duncan Camilleri
FLASCFloating Liquid-piston Accumulator using Seawater under Compression
30 June 2019
Professor Tonio Sant
FOAMS CMarket Search for Value-Added Auxetic Foams
7 September 2013
Professor Joseph Grima
GEO INFResearch on the use of infiltration boreholes for flood mitigation and to enhance groundwater recharge
28 February 2014
Professor Alex Torpiano
GOMTAGenerating Oline Monitors from Tests Automatically
31 March 2017
Dr Christian Colombo
HDMSSmart Single Phase motor soft starter without starting capacitor
5 July 2020
Dr Ing. Reiko Raute
HOTSPOTSInvestigation of chaperone modulators as regulators of diabetes, cancer and stem cell expansion
30 April 2013
Dr Pierre Schembri Wismayer
IAAMIInflammation Atherosclerosis and Myocardial infarction in the Maltese population
18 November 2013
Dr Stephanie Bezzina Wettinger
IMPRINTInnovative Molecular PRofiling of distINct Tumour derived cells in blood.
17 April 2023
Professor Christian Scerri
IoT4UTCAn internet of things solution for urban traffic control
31 December 2019
Dr Kenneth Scerri
KMe-CRCApplication of lysine methylation assay for grading colorectal cancer severity
12 February 2023
Dr Byron Baron
LASEERDevelopment of 3D printing head with laser melting for printers using Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology
31 October 2020
Dr Arif Rochman
LEGGIEROA piano-student's companion
31 December 2019
Dr Alexandra Bonnici
Malta Human Genome ProjectMalta Human Genome Project
31 March 2018
Dr Joseph Borg
31 August 2019
Dr Pierre Schembri Wismayer
31 March 2020
Professor Pierre Schembri Wismayer
Medicinal PlantsThe screening of Maltese medicinal and aromatic plants for pharmacological activity
31 January 2011
Professor Everaldo Attard
MedSolarModular, Easy to Assemble, Photovoltaic and Insulating Tiles
17 April 2023
Professor Luciano Mule Stagno
MeliMedMelissa Medi
31 January 2018
Dr Vasilis Valdramidis
MEMENTOIndustrialisation of High Speed Multivision Cameras
31 March 2019
Dr Ing. Marc Anthony Azzopardi
MODIFLYIn vivo drug discovery targeting mitochondria in animal models of neurodegenerative diseases
31 December 2015
Dr Ruben Cauchi
MolCAMHMolecular Characterisation and Authentication of Maltese Honey
31 December 2015
Mr Adrian Bugeja Douglas
NEPTUMEResearching an innovative No-discharge, Energy-efficient Prototype for the Treatment of Urban Municipal Effluent for water self-sufficiency in public gardens
24 July 2013
Dr Joseph Buhagiar
NEUROAMYLOIDIdentification of Neuroprotectants from terrestrial and marine plant extracts in newrodegenerative disorders of the amyloid type
31 October 2012
Dr Neville Vassallo
NEVACNovel evaporative cooled battery technology
30 July 2020
Dr Robert Camilleri
NGSHarnessing and Maximising the Potential Of Next Generation Sequencing Technology
30 September 2015
Dr Stephanie Bezzina Wettinger
PerDeMonPersonal Decompression Monitor
31 December 2019
Dr Joseph Caruana
PINATAPervasive Nursing And docToral Assistant
31 December 2011
Professor Alexiei Dingli
Portable Equipment Dairy IndustryDevelopment of a novel quality control portable equipment in the dairy industry
13 October 2018
Dr Owen Falzon
Re-SolveRE-Solve sub-contracting scholarship agreement MCST
30 September 2017
Professor Robert Borg
SAGROSituation Awareness and Guidance for RPAS Operations
28 February 2017
Professor Ing. David Zammit Mangion
SATMETSituation Awareness and Traffic Management for Engineless Taxiing
31 December 2019
Dr Ing. Jason Gauci
SIT_DiabSmart Insole Technology in Diabetic Foot Salvage
31 December 2019
Dr Alfred Gatt
SMART STENTSStent manufacture, architecture, research, treatment
31 December 2014
Professor Joseph Grima
SMARTCLAPA Smart User-Centred Product System for Evaluating and Developing Dunctional Hand Skills in Children with Celebral Palsy
31 December 2019
Dr Ing. Philip Farrugia
31 January 2020
Professor David Zammit Mangion
SMeshImproved Meshing Designs for Skin Grafting
30 June 2015
Dr Ruben Gatt
SolAquaInnovative photovoltaics on water
30 June 2016
Professor Luciano Mule Stagno
SPASecure Patient Authentication using biometrics, RFID blockchain
31 December 2019
Dr Lalit Garg
SPEECHIEDevelopment of a Novel Device to Support Children with Language Impairment in a Bilingual Context
30 June 2019
Dr Ing. Philip Farrugia
THERM-HCBDevelopment of a Hollow Concrete Block with improved thermal properties, having same dimensions and load bearing characteristics as the traditional HCB
30 September 2015
Dr Ing. Charles Yousif
TIPMIDThermal Imaging for Peripheral Vascular Disease Monitoring in Diabetics
31 March 2018
Dr Owen Falzon
TOUCH-FLIGHTAdvanced flight guidance and management using emerging interactive display technologies
30 June 2015
Professor Ing. David Zammit Mangion
VAWTDevelopment of a Family of Augmented Lift Self-Adjusting Vertical Wind Turbines
31 March 2015
Dr Ing. Pierluigi Mollicone
VoLAReVideO Light Field Acquisition and Reconstruction
31 August 2022
Dr Ing. Reuben Farrugia
VOTIVVOMValorisation of the indigenous vine varieties of Malta: Conservation, assessment & innovation
19 July 2012
Dr George Attard
WAGEProviding weather and geographical context to analyse anomalies in flight data
31 December 2019
Dr Robert Camilleri
WildEyeEye-gaze tracking in the wild
31 December 2019
Professor Kenneth Camilleri
ZeEBRAZebrafish to enable high throughput screening of small molecules in bone disease & research analysis
31 December 2019
Dr Melissa Marie Formosa

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