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AcronymFull Title & End DateUM Principal Investigator
AASTT2DAnti-amyloid strategy for treating type-2 diabetes
30 September 2017
Professor Neville Vassallo
ALRSAssisted Living Research Programme
21 April 2017
Professor Ing. Kenneth Camilleri
ALS Malta Flying HighALS - Flying High – The Plan for Placing Malta at the forefront of the fight against Motor Neuron Disease
4 December 2020
Dr Ruben J. Cauchi
ATAXIARole of cerebellar spreading depression in triggering episodes of ataxia: focus on EA1
31 December 2018
Professor Mauro Pessia
AUTISMThe Genetics of Autism Spectrum Disorder
14 September 2017
Dr Stephanie Bezzina Wettinger
BRAIN CANCERBrain Cancer Research
31 August 2019
Professor Pierre Schembri Wismayer
Brain ResearchIntercranial stereo-EEG analysis during grasping movement and intent
13 December 2018
Professor Kenneth Camilleri
BREAST CANCERBreast Cancer Research
18 May 2017
Professor Christian Scerri
COMPACT SITESLow Altitude Remote Sensing of Compact Sites Project
30 September 2017
Dr Ing. John Charles Betts
30 September 2017
Professor Georgios Yannakakis
EEMPPEnergy efficient manufacturing of plastic products
30 September 2017
Dr Ing. Paul Refalo & Dr Christopher Micallef
EndocannabinoidsThe Role of the Endocannabinoids in Absence Epilepsy
31 December 2018
Professor Giuseppe Di Giovanni
GCEHBGenome Conservation of the endemic honey bee
31 July 2017
Dr David Mifsud
H3DAHolographic and 3-dimensional audio
30 September 2017
Dr Vince Briffa
HIGH ENERGY PHYSICSMassively Parallel Architecture for Online Processing of High Energy Physics Experimental Data
30 September 2017
Dr Johann Briffa
HSP27Investigating the presence and role of HSP27 in chemoresistance
30 September 2017
Dr Byron Baron
IASLDEIntelligent Automated support for Legal Document Editor
30 September 2016
Professor Gordon Pace
IEPCFreeport Research
16 April 2019
Dr Ing. Maurice Apap
Increasing Chemotherapy SensitivityIncreasing Chemotherapy Sensitivity
1 September 2020
Professor Richard Muscat
LIFE CYCLELifeCycle Kidney Research Programme
31 October 2018
Professor Alex Felice
LIfe Cycle ProjectRIDT - Lift Cycle Project
6 November 2020
Professor Jean Calleja Agius
Machine Learning & Signal ProcessingApplication of machine learning and signal processing techniques to real time detection and prediction of epileptic seizures.
31 December 2018
Dr Lalit Garg
Malta Eye StudyThe Prevalence of Visual Impairment & Eye Disease in Malta & Gozo
16 May 2020
Mr Francis Carbonaro
MELITENSIA UKStudy of Melitensia held in UK libraries
30 September 2017
Dr William Zammit
MLSMLS Funding Sponsorship
31 July 2020
Professor Alex Felice
N/AColorectal cancer risk factors and design of preventive strategy and early diagnosis
22 August 2022
Professor Godfrey Grech
N/AEffectiveness of a physical and psychosocial intervention on quality of life in adult cancer patients
22 August 2022
Dr Josianne Scerri
N/AThe differentiation inducing effects of phenolic compounds from endemic Maltese extra virgin oils on chronic myeloid leukaemia
22 August 2021
Dr Marion Zammit Mangion
N/ACombined thermal and visual imaging for early detection of skin cancer
22 August 2021
Dr Owen Falzon
N/ADexamethasone in glioblastoma multiform therapy
22 August 2021
Professor Mauro Pessia
N/AMicrowave hyperthermia for breast cancer
22 August 2021
Professor Charles V, Sammut
OHESSDevelopment of a model OffshoreHydraulic Energy Storage System
30 September 2017
Professor Tonio Sant
OsteoporosisThe Genetics of Osteoporosis
31 December 2017
Dr Melissa Marie Formosa
PEMHPervasive electronic monitoring in healthcare
1 January 2003
Dr Conrad Attard
Perez D'AleccioConservation of the Perez D'Aleccio Great Siege Wall Painting Cycle
31 July 2021
Professor JoAnn Cassar
PESTProcess Engineering Security and Testing
28 February 2017
Dr Mark Micallef
PlasticsThe microbial deterioration of plastics utilised commercially in the Maltese Islands
30 June 2020
Dr Gabrielle Zammit
PQEEYSPerspectives on quality Experiences in early years settings
30 June 2017
Professor Valerie Sollars
QTLMCQuantum telecommunications link between Malta and Sicily
30 September 2017
Dr Andre Xuereb
Sensory StimulationSensory Stimulation as a Novel Treatment Strategy to Salvage the Brain
6 September 2020
Professor Mario Valentino
Solaqua 2.1Economically & technologically viable floating solar development
30 April 2020
Professor Luciano Mule Stagno
SOLWASTUDevelopment of a Solar Wastewater Treatment Unit
31 January 2019
Dr Ing. Stephen Abela
Study on Parkinson's DiseaseOffering new hope for individuals suffering from Parkinson's Disease
11 February 2020
Professor Neville Vassallo
SUSTAINABLE MOBILITYUnderstanding traffic patterns and travel behavior to support sustainable mobility
30 September 2017
Professor Maria Attard
TUNBA HEART CBIOTargeted and ultrasensitive nanoparticle-based assays for heart function evaluation via cardiac biomarkers
30 September 2017
Professor Emmanuel Sinagra
U3DPHOPUsing 3D printer to contrsuct human organ phantoms
30 September 2017
Dr Demetrios Okkallides
Vodafone Funded ProjectThe development of Adaptive Virtual Reality technology to reduce pain in children undergoing treatment at the Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre
30 July 2021
Professor Alexiei Dingli

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