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Gender - Related Dissertations at UoM

The following are a list of dissertations related to the topic of Gender between the years of 1964 to 2007, found within the University Library:

Dissertations by Year [PDF]

Dissertations by Course [PDF]

Dissertations by Topic:

Dissertations may be searched individually on the Library HyDi Search Engine

For looking up dissertations published after 2007 you may use HyDi to look up keywords. You may restrict your search to dissertations by using the "Advanced Search" option and in the "Material Type" section, selecting "Dissertations". You may further specify your search by adding a start date of 2007.

Additionally, please note that digital versions of many dissertations submitted after 2011 can be accessed by staff and students through the Oar@UoM portal. 

For further queries, please contact the University of Malta Library


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