Studying with us

Courses to be offered as from October 2019

The Faculty of Health Sciences will be offering a number of courses, at undergraduate and postgraduate level, for commencement in October 2019. The Faculty will also be offering Continuing Professional Development courses for registered practitioners.

Interview dates 

Dates for interviews that will be held with applicants for limited number courses (in the event of over-subscription), as well as interviews to be held with applicants considered in terms of the ‘Adult Learner’ clause are available here. Administrative staff of the Faculty will contact applicants closer to the date to inform them of the time of the interview. Interviews shall be held at the Faculty of Health Sciences (Block A, Level 1, Mater Dei Hospital).


Occupational health protocol

As potential future health care professionals, students have a duty to provide the relevant information to the Faculty of Health Sciences. Failure to disclose information about a physical or mental health problem (that could affect safety of the student him/herself or of others; including patients, clients, students and staff), would be considered to be contrary to the dispositions included in the University Suitability to Practice Regulations. All medical and sensitive personal information provided by students will be held in complete confidence by the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Occupational Health (Medical) Unit (OHU). The Occupational Health (Medical) Unit provides a medical service to the Faculty by screening all its students prior to the commencement of clinical placements/practicals. The Faculty of Health Sciences will be informed by the OHU of the impact of a health problem or impairment, if relevant to the student’s educational needs and/or safety, and if there are any recommendations on support or adjustments, that could be of assistance to students. 

The Occupational Health Protocol (OHP) is available here

The completed protocol and the Health Questionnaire in Annex 1 should be submitted as soon as possible once the applicant receives his/her letter of acceptance, but by not later than 15 November 2019. Students are required to submit their documentation in a sealed envelope (including their name, ID Card No and course) to the Reception Desk, Faculty of Health Sciences. Students should plan any required vaccinations sufficiently in advance so that these, together with any blood tests needed to show immunity, are completed well in advance of the 15 November deadline.

This protocol is applicable to all students following the Certificate for Graduates of Non-EU/EEA Nursing Programmes, the Higher Diploma in Health Science (including Preparatory Course), the Bachelor of Science (Honours) programme (direct entry), the Bachelor of Science in Physics, Medical Physics and Radiation Protection, the Master of Science in Diabetes Care, the Master of Science in Human Nutrition, Obesity and Health, the Master of Science in Medical Physics and the Master of Science in Mental Health Studies. Students following particular areas of study within the Master of Science (both mainly taught and mainly research streams) may be directed by the Board to complete this protocol.


Submission of documents and criteria for the selection of applicants for courses

Information pertaining to the submission of documents for the consideration of the Faculty Admissions Committee and the Interviewing Board appointed for each course, as well as the criteria for the selection of applicants for courses with a limited number of students, can be accessed here and searching for the course of your preference.

Similarly, information regarding the academic proficiency test for adult learners (mature applicants) for the Preparatory Course for the Higher Diploma in Health Science (Nursing Studies) can be accessed here.