Studying with us

Courses to be offered as from October 2019

The Faculty of Health Sciences will be offering a number of courses, at undergraduate and postgraduate level, for commencement in October 2019. The Faculty will also be offering Continuing Professional Development courses for registered practitioners.

Interview dates 

Dates for interviews that will be held with applicants for limited number courses (in the event of over-subscription), as well as interviews to be held with applicants considered in terms of the ‘Adult Learner’ clause will be made available shortly. Administrative staff of the Faculty will contact applicants closer to the date to inform them of the time of the interview. Interviews shall be held at the Faculty of Health Sciences (Block A, Level 1, Mater Dei Hospital).

Occupational health protocol/medical test

In terms of the course Bye-Laws, eligible applicants for the Bachelor of Science (Honours) course and applicants for particular areas on offer as part of the Master of Science course will also be required to undergo a medical fitness test as directed by the Board so as to ascertain that they are fit for the duties related to their proposed studies. Students will also be required to complete an occupational health protocol and to submit it to the medical officer conducting the test. Further details will be made available in due course.