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Peer Review Process

All manuscripts are screened by the Editor-in-Chief or an Editorial Board member upon submission. Priority is given to articles that will help allied health professionals to make better decisions, increase pertinent knowledge base and support high quality research. Immediate manuscript rejection by the Malta Journal of Health Sciences is expected in the following instances:

  1. study does not have a theoretical or evidence-based argument for the relevance of the work to allied health practice;
  2. manuscript does not contain sufficiently new or important information and therefore does not offer a significant contribution to the literature;
  3. reliability study does not include a discussion of the influence that the findings will have in the field;
  4. study evaluates a new test without a sound comparison to current tests;
  5. study has serious flaws in the Methods section;
  6. authors did not obtain ethics approval from a properly constituted ethics committee, where appropriate.
Manuscripts that qualify for review are evaluated by at least two experts as appropriate. A double-blind review process is adopted. After the reviewers receive a paper from the Editor-in-Chief, they read it closely and provide individual critiques in which they:
  1. comment on the validity of the science, identifying scientific errors and evaluating the design and methodology used;
  2. judge its significance by evaluating the importance of the findings;
  3. determine the originality of the work based on how much it advances the field;
  4. recommend that the manuscript is rejected or accepted with minor or major revision; revision will entail further review.

The Editor-in-Chief or Editorial Board member reads the manuscript and the reviewers' comments, makes his/her own comments, and provides guidance to the Editorial Board on the suitability of the manuscript for publication. The Editorial Board will then decide on the content of the feedback letter to the author/s.

Courses to be Offered as from October 2018

A list of courses to be offered by the Faculty as from October 2018, together with details on the application process and all the relevant information is available via the prospective students page.

The page is constantly being updated. Applicants are advised to check the page regularly for further information.

Last Updated: 24 November 2015

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