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COURSE TITLE Master of Science in Communication Therapy









Second Cycle

Level 7

6 Semesters

Part-time (by Research)


Helen Grech

This programme of study is also offered on a full-time basis. Please consult the Registrar’s website for more information pertaining to courses offered by the University.

This course aims to provide students with an opportunity to engage in a research exercise under the supervision of an appointed academic supervisor. This will allow students to develop and refine their scientific knowledge and research skills and will ultimately lead to the write-up of a research based dissertation. During the course of the research project the students will enhance knowledge and research abilities in a specifically chosen area of research.

Applicants interested in pursuing a Master of Science in Communication Therapy (by Research) are strongly advised to refer to the instructions available here.

A list of potential research topics and potential supervisors for academic year 2017/8 can be accessed here.

It is also advisable for applicants to submit a completed Expression of Interest form, which can be found here, by the end of June 2017.
LEARNING OUTCOMES Knowledge and Understanding

By the end of the research exercise, students will be able to:
- critically review related scientific literature
- identify a gap in the literature
- successfully compile a research proposal
- demonstrate in - depth understanding of the chosen research topic
- demonstrate in-depth understanding of the chosen method/s of data collection and data analysis
- appreciate effective ways of presenting research results and findings
- critically appraise research findings adequately


Intellectual skills
By the end of the research exercise, students will be able to:
- evaluate and demonstrate the relevance of other researchers’ findings to the presented work
- demonstrate an appreciation of ethical issues in research within this
field and respond to them appropriately
- critically evaluate the chosen methodological approach and the results obtained
- present, defend and debate findings

Practical skills
By the end of the research exercise, students will be able to:
- plan and design a research project
- manage a research project, taking into consideration ethical issues, time-planning and budgeting, if relevant
- effectively organise the collected research data
- present information in a structured, accurate and logical manner
- produce a potentially publishable piece of scientific writing
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES AND ACCESS TO FURTHER STUDY Specialist in the chosen topic of research

Further research studies and PhD studies
The Course shall be open to applicants in possession of one of the following qualifications:

(a) the degree of Bachelor of Science (Honours) obtained with at least Second Class (Honours) from the Faculty of Health Sciences in an area of study which should be directly related to the area in which the research is to be carried out or

(b) a Bachelor's degree obtained with at least a Second Class (Honours) in a discipline deemed by the Board as being closely related to the area of study in which the research is to be carried out or

(c) a qualification deemed by Senate, on the recommendation of the Board, to be equivalent to the qualifications listed in (a) and (b) above.

The admission requirements are applicable for courses commencing in October 2017.

For more detailed information pertaining to admission and progression requirements please refer to the bye-laws for the course available here.



Last Updated: 1 September 2017
The University makes every effort to ensure that the published Courses Plans, Programmes of Study and Study-Unit information are complete and up-to-date at the time of publication. The University reserves the right to make changes in case errors are detected after publication.
The availability of optional units may be subject to timetabling constraints.
Units not attracting a sufficient number of registrations may be withdrawn without notice.
Unless for exceptional approved reasons, no changes to the programme of study for a particular academic year will be made once the students' registration period for that academic year begins.

For applicable fees please check the link on the Finance Office webpage.
CPD Study-Unit - MNH4001 Child and Adolescent Mental Health

During Semester 2 of Academic Year 2017/8, the Department of Mental Health shall be offering the study-unit MNH4001 Child and Adolescent Mental Health to registered professionals in possession of a first degree, currently working with children or adolescents.

Applications shall be received between the 27th November and the 1st December 2017.


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