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Montebello, K., Millan Sango, D., Valdramidis V.P. (2015). A comparative quantitative assessment of the microbial kinetics of \textit{Escherichia coli} serotype 0104:H4 and O157:H7. SfAM (Society for Applied Microbiology) Summer Conference [Dublin (Ireland), July 5-7, 2011].


Millan Sango, D., Han, L., Ziuzina, D., Van Impe, J.F., Bourke, P., Cullen, P.J., Valdramidis V.P. (2015). Assessing bacterial recovery of cold atmospheric plasma treatments. ICEF12 - 12th International Congress on Engineering and Food. (Quebec City, Canada, June 14-18, 2015).


Millan Sango, D., McElhatton, A., Valdramidis V.P. (2014). Macroscopic and microscopic assessment of assisted ultrasound decontamination of lettuce leaves. Food Micro 2014. (Nantes, France, 1st - 4th September, 2014).

Valdramidis V.P. (2014). Classical and Novel Decontamination Methods of Fresh Produce. International Association for Food Protection-Europe, 7-9 May 2014, Budapest, Hungary.


Millan Sango D., McElhatton, A., Valdramidis V.P. (2013). Assessing the effectiveness of assisted ultrasound for the decontamination of lettuce leaves. 1st Conference of BacFoodNet. [Prague, Czech Republic 27-28 November, 2013].

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