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International conference of Predictive Modelling, Quantitative Risk Assessment and Life Cycle Analysis in Food Science and Biosciences

The food chain comprises agricultural production, manufacturing, distribution, retail and consumption. Safe food consumption is fundamental to the health and vitality of the citizens of Europe and food production and sustainability is vital to the competitiveness of the European food industry - the sector providing the highest level of employment in Europe. Awareness of consumer and product safety has probably never been so high as a consequence of  significant food crises in Europe during the past five years which have given rise to concerns about the safety and quality of food products put on the market. Food safety and quality worldwide faces increased pressures and challenges arising from the globalisation of food trade, intensive production systems and changing consumer preferences. Predictive modelling and quantitative (microbial, chemical) risk assessment plays a crucial part in food quality and safety around the globe, providing predictive tools which are used by the food industry, policy makers and managers to formulate and implement risk management policies and controls with the view to protecting human health.

It is estimated that the food chain is responsible for 1 MIllion metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MtC02e) emissions and food waste, causing significant envrionmental impacts. Most of this can be avoided, and the vast majority of the remainder used as a resource into the food chain. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and related tolls (such as carbon or water footprints) have proved to be an essential element in the evaluation of the environmental performance of food value chains.

The aim of this conference is to highlight the added value of quantitative tools for advancing research in the area of predictive modeling, risk assessment and LCA. In addition of scientific prsentation sessions, there will be sessions dedicated to development of online teaching and learning tolls. Simulation tools and their application in food and bio-industries: food technologies, food sciences, food management (traceability, food safety) will also be presented. 

The Q-Safe International conference will address topics related to:

  •  Modelling in Bioscience and Food
  • Predictive Microbiology
  • Computational Mathematics
  •  Quantitative Risk Assessment (QMRA)
  • QMRA in Food Processing and storage
  • Analysis of uncertainty and variability 
  •  Process Modelling and Life Cycle Analysis 
  • Environmental Life Cycle Analysis
  • Sustainability and energy usage
  •  Advanced quantitative tools and advanced practices in research and education



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Last Updated: 24 May 2016

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