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The Faculty of Health Sciences will be offering a number of courses, at undergraduate and postgraduate level, for commencement in October 2018. The Faculty will also be offering Continuing Professional Development courses for registered practitioners. The latter are aimed to keep health professionals abreast of the continuing advances in the medical field and related technologies.

A list of courses to be offered by the University as from October 2018 can be accessed here (refer to pages 10 to 12 for courses to be offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences).

Detailed information on the courses to be offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences is available through the following links:

You may apply for courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level online by following this link. Prior to filling in and submitting the application form you are advised to read the detailed information related to this process and the instructions for use of the online application facility.

Please note that:

  • In courses where a limited number of students is indicated, applicants who are fully qualified by the 31 August 2018 (including having submitted the requested mentioned documents to the Faculty) will be considered first and will be placed in rank order according to the selection criteria approved by Senate. If, after this initial ranking, vacant places are still available, and if applicants would have obtained the necessary qualifications and submitted the above documents by the 28 September 2018, they will then be placed in rank order to take up any remaining places.
  • Very late applications will not be accepted for the Master of Science (by Research) degree. The enrolment date for M.Sc. (by Research) course offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences will be the 1 October 2018.
  • The Faculty also offers doctoral degrees on a full-time or part-time basis for which applications are received at any time of the year.
  • The University reserves the right not to offer courses/areas of study for which there is not a sufficient number of qualified applicants or where adequate supervision is not available. The commencement of any course is subject to availability of resources at the time of opening and other factors beyond the University's control.
  • The University's academic year is divided in two semesters: the first semester runs from October to January, whilst the second semester runs from February to June. Some courses may include a summer semester (June to September). The semester dates for Academic Year 2018/9 may be accessed here.
  • Tuition, annual enrolment, and bench fees may be payable. Further information can be obtained here.
  • As a Health and Safety pre-requisite only students who are certified to be immune from Hepatitis B can be allowed for clinical attachments. On acceptance, applicants for Bachelor of Science (Honours) (full-time) course are required to complete a full course of Hepatitis B vaccination and submit the relative lab report of their Seroconversion Titre to the Faculty Office by the 30 November 2018 . More information on the procedure is available here.

  • In terms of the course Bye-Laws, eligible applicants for the Bachelor of Science (Honours) course and applicants for particular areas on offer as part of the Master of Science course will also be required to undergo a medical fitness test as directed by the Board so as to ascertain that they are fit for the duties related to their proposed studies. Further details on the procedure related to the medical fitness test can be accessed here.
  • Dates for interviews that will be held with applicants for limited number courses (in the event of over-subscription), as well as interviews to be held with applicants considered in terms of the ‘Adult Learner’ clause will be accessed here. Administrative staff of the Faculty will also contact applicants closer to the date to inform them of the time of the interview. Interviews shall be held at the Faculty of Health Sciences (Block A, Level 1, Mater Dei Hospital).

Opening Ceremony and Meetings for Freshers
Lectures for continuing day and evening courses are set to commence on Monday, 1st October 2018, whilst lectures for new students following day and evening courses will commence on Thursday, 4th October 2018. Details on the opening ceremony and compulsory meetings for freshers are available here
Master of Science programme in Diabetes Care
The Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery will be offering a new Master of Science programme in Diabetes Care.

This Master degree will provide a clinical specialist postgraduate opportunity for practicing medical, nursing and allied health professionals in an area where continued development of practice is needed. This programme of studies will take an interdisciplinary approach, bringing students and academics of the different professional groups within the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery together, allowing interdisciplinary teaching, learning and research.

For further details please follow this link.
Last Updated: 10 May 2018

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