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The Return Sheet for Academic Services Rendered can be found here.


Office for Human Resources, Management and Development

Over the last few months you have been asked to submit your requirements to meet the academic needs of your Department, Institute or Centre, to the Office for Human Resources, Management and Development.

Requests for visiting teaching staff have been submitted to Council and finalised for this academic year. All visiting teaching staff has received a letter from the Rector indicating the study unit(s) and the level of appointment. Visiting teaching staff are being paid through the payroll every four weeks.

Requests submitted for casual resources have been recorded according to the nature of the work required, the number of hours and the corresponding study unit(s).

The Office for Human Resources has informed the Budgetary Control and Cost Accounting Section of the Finance Office of all the requests in order to record the details of the approved resources in the budget. We have also advised the SIMS Office of the academic personnel assigned to each study unit.

To request payment for academic services provided by casual staff, University of Malta and Junior College servicing employees, the form ‘Return for Academic Services Rendered’ must be completed. The form is available here.

Please submit returns to Room 214, Administration Building by not later than 28th February for services rendered during Semester 1, and by not later than 30th June  for services rendered during Semester 2.

Do not hesitate to contact the Director for Human Resources, Management and Development for any further information or clarification.

Office for Human Resources Management and Development

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Return for Academic Services Rendered
The Return Sheet for Academic Services Rendered can be found here.
Last Updated: 14 June 2018

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