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Training Seminars on ‘Effective Writing Skills’

The Office for Human Resources Management & Development, in collaboration with the Department of English, Faculty of Arts, organised a series of 2-hour training seminars in “Effective Writing Skills”.  The seminars were offered to Graduate Trainees, Administrative Assistants, Administrative Officers, Senior Administrative Officers, Assistant Librarians, Senior Assistant Librarians and Technical Staff within the University who work in administration, faculties, institutes and centres.  The seminars were held for a total of 47 participants on 15th, 22nd and 29th November 2007.

Mr Mario Aquilina, the seminar tutor, made participants aware of the importance of writing effectively professional documents that increase on-the-job credibility and aid accurate communication.  Mr Aquilina also provided them with an overview of some essential advanced features of writing skills for administrative purposes. The main topics of each training seminar were Style, Tone, Organisation of Information, and Common Writing Errors.   Mr Aquilina offered guidance on how to format documents that suit the needs of the receiver, how to make appropriate choices concerning style and tone, and how to avoid a range of common writing errors.
Participants were encouraged to work on sample material individually and in groups.   They were also given the opportunity to provide their general feedback on the seminar by means of an evaluation form, distributed to them at the end of the session.  Participants were also provided with a certificate of attendance.

Members of staff who attended the training seminars were: Doreen Attard; Joanne Attard; Maria Attard; Andre Azzopardi; Nicholas Azzopardi; Carmen Bezzina; Marlene Bezzina; Colin Borg; Maria Bray; Anthony Buhagiar; Elaine Buhagiar; Gillian Cachia; Karen Cacciattolo; Anna Callus; Dorothy Camilleri; Margaret Camilleri; Mario Cassar; Evelyn Chetcuti; Bernice Cutajar; Vanessa Debattista; Marlene Debono; Norman Deguara; Marlene Desira; Claire Ellul; Alex Falzon; Emmanuel Falzon; Isabelle Farrugia; Nadia Formosa; Margaret Gerada; Maris Grech; Carmel Grech; Jacqueline Grech; Lucy Hart; Marisa Mercieca; Antoinette Micallef; Claudette Mifsud; Victoria Muscat; Marina Plummer; Romina Sammut; Fr Paul Sciberras; Maria Spiteri; Rita Stirling; Maria Evelyn Vella; Sonia Vella Zarb; Elaine Xerri; Annemarie Zammit; and Catherine Zammit.

Any other information may be obtained by contacting Karen.

Karen Cacciattolo
30th November 2007


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