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Once again, the Office for Human Resources Management & Development, in collaboration with the Registry Office, has organised a series of 2-hour training sessions on the filing system of the University of Malta for administrative staff working in administration, faculties, institutes and centres.  The training was held in October 2008 for a total of 21 members of staff.

Marlene Bezzina, the training tutor, made participants aware of the importance of filing in an efficient manner, and of keeping updated records of the movements of each and every file.  This is required in order to avoid unnecessary delays when retrieving files and to help the Registry to continue giving an efficient service to all staff requesting files every day.  Guidance was offered on; opening of new student files; procedure for ‘redding’ administration and students’ files; keeping record of movement of files; ‘putting away’ and ‘bring up’ of files; circulation of files; and archiving files.  
Participants were encouraged to work on sample material individually.   They were also given the opportunity to provide their feedback on the training by means of an evaluation form, distributed to them at the end of the session.  Participants were also provided with a certificate of attendance. 

Members of staff who attended: Maria Ali, Justin Paul Azzopardi, Catherine Brincat, Corinne Brincat, Krystle Bugeja, Margaret Buhagiar, Estelle Buttigieg, Sharlene Cachia, Romina Carabott, Amanda Cardona, Bernice Cutajar, Karl Debattista, Norman Deguara, Claudette Esposito, Laura Falzon, Angele Grech, Elaine Grech, Michelle K. Paris, Anna Saliba, Francesca Sciberras, and Mary Anne Yousif Patiniott.

Any other information may be obtained by contacting Kristina.

Karen Cacciattolo
10th November 2008


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