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Press Release: Induction April-May 2008
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Induction Course Programme for New Support Staff

Once again, the Office for Human Resources Management & Development organised an induction course programme spread over nine days between Monday 28th April and Monday 12th May 2008.  The programme was aimed at new support staff who was recently employed at the University of Malta, working in administration, faculties, centres and institutes.  It gave the participants a basic understanding and an appreciation of the wider organisational context  within which they work. The programme consisted of a combination of power-point presentations, talks, discussions and also extracts from the DVD “Where There Is A Will”.

On the first day of the programme, Dr Mary Anne Lauri, who is the Pro-Rector responsible for students and institutional affairs, gave a brief introduction of the University of Malta. A brief history of the University of Malta was presented by Ms Patricia Camilleri, Director of Communications and Alumni Relations.  Ms Camilleri also provided information on the functions of the Communications and Alumni Relations Office.   The participants were than shown a presentation on the use of the University’s website, held by Ms Angela Xuereb at one of the IT Services laboratories.

The second day involved a presentation on the Academic Programmes Quality & Resources Unit, delivered by Ms Jo-Anne Attard. This was followed by a presentation by Ms Stefania Fabri, Deputy Director of the International & EU Office, on the role of the same office.  The third day included a power-point presentation regarding the set-up of the Faculties, Centres and Institutes by Mr Mario Cassar.  Mr Cassar gave an overview of the work involved from admission of students up to the graduation period. This was followed by an introductory presentation of the Scheduling Office by Mr Luigi Pellegrini, and a talk on the Registry Office’s responsibilities by Ms Marlene Bezzina.

The fourth day was dedicated to the University of Malta Library wherein Ms Joanna Felice, Head of Reader Services, introduced the services of the Library, followed by a presentation and tours conducted by Ms Josianne Vella and Ms Mona Azzopardi.  On the fifth day a presentation was held by  Mr Albert Debono on the role of the Student Advisory Services. The participants were then addressed by Mr Anthony Gellel, the University Registrar, who briefly explained the many functions of the Office of the Registrar, including the role of the Admissions & Records Office and the use of the University’s Student Information Management System (SIMS).  Mr Gellel was assisted by the Ms Veronica Grech, Registrar Designate.

During the sixth day a presentation on the services offered by the IT Services (ITS) was delivered by Ms Vanessa Camilleri and the Director Mr Robert Sultana.  A presentation by Ms Charlotte Attard, Finance Consultant, was then delivered, regarding the role of the Finance Office.  The seventh day consisted of presentations by Fr Jimmy Bartolo from the University Chaplaincy and Fr John Vella and Ms Lorleen Farrugia from the Counselling Services.  

A campus tour was held on the eight day by Ms Angela Xuereb.  This tour helped the participants to orientate themselves with the locations of the faculties, institutes, centres and other sections of the University.

During the last day of the programme, the several functions of the Office for Human Resources Management & Development were presented by Ms Jacqueline Fenech, Director of the same office, and extracts from a DVD entitled “Where There Is A Will” followed.  Mr Noel Caruana and Mr Tonio Agius provided information on the Collective Agreement and the Staff Welfare Fund, respectively.

During each session, the new recruits were encouraged to actively participate in the discussions.  They were also given the opportunity to provide their general feedback on the course by means of an evaluation form, distributed to them on the last session of the course.  Participants who attended to at least eighty percent of the programme were provided with a certificate of attendance.

Support staff who attended the course were:  Maria Ali; Antoine Azzopardi; Edith Boffa; Alison Bone; Estelle Buttigieg; George Cardona; Michelle Cassar; Michael Debattista; Raymond Degiorgio; Robert Joseph Formosa; Michelle Paris; Marco Sciberras; Charmaine Tabone; Mary Rose Vella; and Jane Zammit.


Further information on the induction course programme may be obtained by contacting Kristina

Karen Cacciattolo
19th May 2008 

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