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Press Release: Orientation Programme April 2013
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Orientation Course Programme for New Administrative, Technical and Industrial Staff – April 2013

Orientation Programmes for 2013 are once again being organised by the Office for Human Resources Management & Development. This year’s first course was organised over three days from Monday the 22nd of April to Wednesday the 24th April 2013.

The Orientation programmes are designed to target the needs of newly recruited staff within the administrative, technical and industrial fields. The programme’s main goal is to provide participants with a basic overview of the University as an organisation, including all the provided services and administrative framework.

The Office for Human Resources Management & Development has recently received queries from the Academic members of staff regarding the Orientation Programme and consequently, the inclusion of Academic members of staff for specific sessions of this programme has come into being.

The programme commenced with an ice breaking session delivered by Ms Amanda Ciantar, followed by an introduction to the University of Malta delivered by the Pro-Rector Professor Mary Anne Lauri, followed by the opportunity to ask any questions in connection with employment at the University of Malta. Following a brief coffee break, Ms Anna Callus elaborated on the workings of the International & EU Office, with particular emphasis on the Erasmus programme and their role in participating in international university fairs, explaining that this is all done in order to globally promote the University of Malta as well as for networking purposes. Subsequently, the Assistant Registrar, Ing Elisa Vella gave a brief overview of the Office of the Registrar and the departments which fall under this Office’s umbrella.

The Assistant Registrar, Ms Jo-Anne Attard provided an outline of the Academic Programmes Quality and Resources Unit while highlighting the Academic Effort exercise, the Student Feedback exercise and the role of the Programme Validation Committee within Senate. The Scheduling Officer, Mr Patrick Galea provided a brief overview of the administrative branch of the Scheduling Office and provided pointers on room bookings. Mr Raphael Mizzi, the Green Travel Plan coordinator delivered a brief description to this initiative and provided the participants with ideas that they could adopt in order to reduce their carbon footprint. Dr Charmaine Cristiano Grech and Dr Oriella De Giovanni gave a brief talk on the role of the Legal Office in connection with the corporate and the industrial aspects of the University. The final session concluded with a campus tour of the University Msida Campus by Ms Daphne Kelleher.

The second day commenced with a detailed overview of the University of Malta, its’ history and origins, delivered by the Director of Communications & Alumni Relations Office, Ms Patricia Camilleri. Ms Camilleri also gave a brief introduction to her office and the role that the Communications & Alumni Relations Office has with the media. Subsequently Mr David Galea and Mr Tony Buhagiar gave a brief introduction to the Welfare Fund and outlined their efforts in providing a sense of solidarity for employees within such a large organisation. This session was followed by a presentation of the Counselling Services by Ms Lorleen Farrugia which are provided to all members of staff and students alike.

Subsequently, Ms Joanna Felice, the Deputy Director of the Library gave a brief opening on the Library and the services provided. Ms Josianne Camilleri Vella delivered a presentation of the online library services provided to both students and staff, followed by a tour of the Library. Ms Marlene Bezzina delivered a short talk in connection with the file keeping processes within the Registry Office. The final session was delivered by Mr Oliver Mallia who guided the participants to the University Sports Complex.

The last day commenced with a session at IT Services with Mr James Cilia and Mr Robert Sultana, the IT Services Deputy Director and Director respectively. Mr Cilia gave a tour of the newly built IT Services building and gave a detailed explanation of the technical and online services provided by their department. The following session was delivered by Mr Louis Coleiro who outlined the Health & Safety courses and procedures that are provided by his office. Mr Mark Debono, the Director of Finance gave a talk on the administrative structure of the Finance Office and highlighted the various projects that his office undertakes.

Rev Michael Bugeja gave a brief tour of the Chaplaincy and gave an account of the activities organised by the Chaplaincy. The Director of the Office for Human Resources Management & Development gave a brief introduction of the role of Human Resources in an organisational context and a short talk about the services provided by this office.

Mr Jean Claude Vancell, the Graphic Designer within the Communications & Alumni Relations Office provided a quick introduction to the Think magazine which is a magazine which focuses on research initiatives within the University. Mr George Vella is one of the Administrative, Technical and Industrial Staff Representatives within the Council. He kindly offered to deliver a presentation in connection with the Collective Agreement which was signed on 21st December 2012. He also provided a brief introduction to his role within Council as a representative on Council.

One of the primary aims of the programme was to encourage the participants to actively participate and interact with the speakers and the Office for Human Resources Management and development. The idea is to provide a learning environment which is not restricted to a lecture setting but to encourage discussions and interaction. In order to further induce participants to involve themselves in this programme, a session was specifically organised, scheduled to work on feedback and test knowledge through a quick quiz in connection with this programme. All attending participants were presented with a certificate of attendance.

Members who attended the programme were:
Dr Angele Attard Chetcuti, Ms Anna Maria Baldacchino, Ms Leanne Baldacchino, Mr Steve Blondelet, Ms Greta Bonello,  Ms Dianne Bonnici, Ms Angele Buhagiar, Ms Charlene Camilleri, Ms Maria Camilleri, Ms Margaret Camilleri Fenech, Ms Kerry Chetcuti, Ms Simone Chircop, Ms Stephanie Coleiro, Ms Emilia De Martino, Ms Cynthia Farrugia, Ms Robert Grech, Ms Natalie Haber, Ms Mersia Mackay, Ms Jeanette Magrin, Mr Elton Mamo, Ms Jessica Parnis,  Ms Natalie Schembri, Mr Michael Spiteri, Ms Sheena Vella, Ms Pamela Vella Scicluna

Photographs can be seen here.  
19th June 2013 
Amanda Ciantar 

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