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Press Release: Orientation - March 2015
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Orientation Course Programme in Administrative Services March 2015 

The Office for Human Resources Management & Development organised the first Orientation Programme regarding Administrative Services on 24th March 2015.       

The programme was designed as an introductory session for members of staff, who currently work within the administrative, technical and industrial fields and who were recently employed at the University of Malta. The programme’s main aim was to give the participants a basic overview and awareness of the Administrative set-up of the University of Malta. The programme covered information on the key offices within the Rectorate and the Administration and was based a short 4-hour session, which was spread over half a day.

The first half of the session was dedicated to the Offices which fall within the Office of the Registrar and those offices which work in tandem with the Office of the Registrar. The session commenced with a brief introductory ice-breaking session which was given by Ms Amanda Ciantar, in order to ensure that the participants get familiar with each other. Ing. Elisa Vella, who is the Assistant Registrar working within the Office of the Registrar, delivered the following session with a presentation detailing the principal offices within the Office of the Registrar and their function within the University and gave a brief overview of the role of Senate. Mr Luigi Pellegrini, the Assistant Registrar who is in charge of the Scheduling Office delivered a detailed presentation on examinations and timetables. The Assistant Registrar, Ms Jo-Anne Attard provided an outline of the Academic Programmes Quality and Resources Unit and highlighted the Academic Effort exercise, the Student Feedback exercise and the role of the Programme Validation Committee within Senate.

Following a brief coffee break, Ms Stefania Fabri elaborated on the workings of the International & EU Office, with particular emphasis on the Erasmus programme and their role in participating in international university fairs, highlighting that the principal goal of this office is to globally promote the University of Malta and attract fee-paying students. Mr Mark Debono, the Director of Finance gave a talk on the administrative structure of the Finance Office and highlighted the various projects that this office undertakes. Dr Ruth Baldacchino delivered a brief talk on the role of the Legal Office in connection with the corporate and the industrial aspects of the University. Lastly, the Director of the Office for Human Resources Management & Development, Ms Jacqueline Fenech delivered a brief introduction on the role of Human Resources in an organisation and a short talk about the services provided by this Office.  

Throughout the whole programme, the participants were encouraged to actively participate and interact with the speakers for further discussions and clarifications. Furthermore, participants were given the opportunity to provide their general feedback regarding the session by means of an evaluation form. This feedback session was scheduled as the final session, in which a quiz took place. The participants were presented with a certificate of attendance.     

Members of support staff who attended the programme were:              
Ms Jael Katya Agius, Ms Raissa Marie Attard, Ms Marjoe Callus, Ms Marilyn Camilleri, Mr Tonio Caruana, Ms Maria Debono, Mr Samuel Falzon, Ms Ivy Jean Fenech, Ms Dragana Gnjantovic, Ms Janice Mifsud, Ms Amy Pons, Ms Carmen Romeo, Mr Peter Paul Schembri, Ms Melanie Sciortino, Ms Elena Vella Azzopardi, Mr Thomas Xuereb.


Photographs can be seen here.
7th April 2015
Amanda Ciantar


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