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Press Release: Child First Aid Course
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Child First Aid Course

The First Malta Branch of the Malta Red Cross, organised a Child First Aid course, which was held at Sir Paul Boffa Hospital Floriana between 16th February and 15th March 2008. Vikki Sammut, Kindergarten Assistant at the It-Tajra Child Care Facility, attended the full course.

The Child First Aid course covered the material of the Basic First Aid Course as well as an extra session on pediatric first aid, which was attended by Mr Brian Bonnici, Principal, Ms Camille Camilleri and Ms Ritienne Aquilina, both Kindergarten Assistants.

The course covered several important topics, including: Aims of the First Aide, Definition of Emergency Aid, Finding an injured/ill person, Personal safety, Managing the incident, Safety procedure at the site of incident, Checking vital functions of casualty, Explaining line of rescue procedure, Emergency call, Casualty handling, Removal of helmet, Unconsciousness, Epilepsy, sunstroke, and other situations which could lead to unconsciousness, Recovery Position, Breathing/respiration, Artificial respiration/E.A.R. (Expired Air Resuscitation), Choking, Blood circulation, CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation), Wounds/Bleeding, Chest and Abdominal injuries, Shock, Fractures, Sprains and Strains, Burns and Scalds, and Poisoning.

The course also included practical sessions on Recovery Position, Artificial respiration/E.A.R. (Expired Air Resuscitation), CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and, dressings and bandaging.

A certificate valid for three years and recognised in the European Union was given to the participants.  

For further information please contact Karen.


From left to right: Brian Bonnici, Camille Camilleri, Ritienne Aquilina and Vikki Sammut



Camille Camilleri during the practical session of Child CPR

Karen Cacciattolo
30th March 2008 

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