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Press Release: Minute Taking & Writing
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‘Minute Taking & Writing’ 

The Office for Human Resources Management & Development in conjunction with Malta University Consulting Ltd organised two training courses in ‘Minute Taking & Writing’ between 2nd February and 4th March 2009.  The aim of this training programme was to improve the skills in minute taking and writing of the administrative members of staff working in Faculties, Institutes, Centres and Administration.

Ms Josianne Facchetti, the training course tutor, focused on helping participants to understand the process of taking minutes and how these are to be presented, according to the system adopted by the University of Malta.  Ms Facchetti also covered the main concepts of minute taking and writing, including drawing up an agenda, using the right words when writing minutes, note taking and summarising the essential points from transcript of a meeting, correcting and presenting the minutes. Speed writing and active listening were also introduced, wherein participants were given exercises and pair work.

Each course consisted of five sessions totalling ten hours.  The last three sessions consisted of workshops in which participants were involved in drawing up an agenda from a transcript, correcting minute formats, listening to a transcript of a university meeting, taking notes and writing minutes which were corrected as homework, listening to a taped meeting and taking minutes, and role play meeting and writing the minutes.  Participants were also given the opportunity to provide their general feedback on the course by means of an evaluation form, distributed to them at the end of the last session.   Members of staff who attended to at least eighty per cent of the training course were provided with a certificate of attendance.  

Members of staff who attended the course were: Anabel Abela, Krystle Bugeja, Estelle Buttigieg, Alison Camilleri, Ruth Caruana, Caryl Cassar, Elizabeth Cassar, Maria Ruth Ciantar, Melanie Ciantar Harrington, Annabelle Doublet, Anna Farrugia, Carmen Farrugia, Danielle Fava Naudi, Jacqueline Grech, Tiziana Grech, Mary Anne Magro Conti, Stefania Micallef, Claudette Mifsud, Daniela Mifsud, Nadia Muscat, Marisa Rizzo, Maria Spiteri, Stephanie Said, Josianne Schembri, Sharon Vella, Ruth Zammit, and Louise Zarb.

Further information may be obtained by contacting Kristina Micallef.

Karen Cacciattolo
5th March 2009

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