Basic concepts in firefighting

Trainer: Mr Mario Delicata - Health & Safety Officer
Target Audience: Members of staff identified by the Health & Safety team
Course duration: 4 hours 

Course overview 

This short course will introduce the participants to the different extinguishing methods, classes of fire, types & uses of extinguishers and Safe Evacuation Techniques. In this training participants will also be instructed now to use a fire blanket and various fire extinguishers. They will also experience a smoke room and learn dragging techniques and hints on escape. A certificate of attendance will be issued for those who successfully complete the course. 

Course structure

Topics covered training course include:

  • Fire Legislation in Malta
  • Types of Fire protection
  • Flashover & Backdrafts
  • Transfer of Heat  
  • Fire Triangle
  • Methods of extinguishing fire
  • Use of fire Extinguisher & Blanket
  • Fire Classes
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Trapped inside a room
  • Drags: Leg and Shoulder
  • First Aid: Burns & recovery position