Introduction to Blockchain

Introduction to Blockchain 


Target Audience: All members of staff at UM

Duration of session: 2 hours   

Session overview

Despite the fact that the media is full of articles mentioning, exalting and demonising blockchain technologies and some of its applications, there are very few accessible sources of information which explain in layman's terms what blockchain really is, and its implications on services we access on an everyday basis. One reason is that, unlike the advent of the internet and mobile technologies which changed the way we interact with services, blockchain leaves that intact, but changes the underlying technology providing certain new guarantees. Despite the fact that the change is technological, its impact on the trust, transparency and traceability aspects of the services is profound, and its understanding is essential for service enablers. This session will give an accessible overview of the technology, its uses and regulatory implications, and will include time for questions and discussion.


Relevant links and references

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