Conflict Management

Conflict Management

Trainers: Qualified trainers from Psypotential
Target Audience: Employees in managerial roles
Course duration: 4 hours  

Learning outcomes 

The aim of this session is to identify the personal reactions to conflict, our role in a conflict situation within the workplace and how we can manage our role within conflict to elicit the most positive outcome. The session will focus on and bring out the following specific areas of growth pertaining to effective conflict management:

  • Emotional reactions to conflict
  • Conflict within teams
  • The positive power of conflict

Training approach

This course is being delived by Psypotential and is based on an interative and learner-centred methology, that is based on cutting edge principles of adult learning. This consists of scientifically proven methods of brain compatible learning that maximises retention and application of the context as well as the transfer of learning to the everyday practical reality of the participants' context.

Course structure

In order to address the specific areas of growth pertaining to effective conflict management, the following 7 areas will be addressed:

  1. Building bridges or barriers? Including conflict starters and barrier words
  2. The art of perspective taking in resolving conflict situations
  3. Intent and impact - assertiveness in conflict situations
  4. Conflict cycle in team development
  5. Managing emotions in conflict situations
  6. The six-step process for conflict resolution
  7. Working with the 5 conflict management styles - role-specific case study scenarios