Doctoral School

The Doctoral School provides guidance and support to the thriving community of doctoral candidates and academic supervisory teams across all research degree programmes at the University of Malta. 

The team is committed to support and enhance the research experience of all doctoral candidates at the University.  The school brings together doctoral researchers and supervisory teams to benefit from the sharing of best practices and works with different groups across the University to promote widespread dissemination of doctoral research. Furthermore the school works with other service providers to ensure that researchers are equipped with knowledge and skills that can be applied to academic or non-academic career paths they choose to follow.


Administering Ph.D. Students 

Trainer: Mr Colin Borg - Academic Registrar-Designate
Target Audience: Administrative members of staff, especially members of staff working within academic entities
Duration of Session: 2.5 hours   

Workshop overview

This training session covers all the necessary procedures and information required in order to process a Ph.D. item within the Faculty channels and send the necessary information to the Doctoral Academic Committee. Consequently this session is specifically targeted for the administrative staff within Faculties, Institutes, Centres and Schools who are directly involved in the administrative processes of Ph.D. students. 

This session will also refer to the University Ph.D. Regulations and the Bye-laws of the respective Faculties. Particular attention will be given to admission requirements, the organisation and planning of the Faculty Doctoral Committee, students’ progress, requests for transfers from M.Phil. to Ph.D. studies and the examination process for an eventual Ph.D. award.   


Workshop for Officers in Charge 

Trainer: Professor Nicholas Vella - Director 
Target Audience: Officers in charge handling Ph.D. items within academic entities
Duration of Session: 3 hours   

Workshop overview 

Workshops are being held once a year for officers to provide them with the opportunity to discuss chosen topics in connection with the Doctoral School.