Data Protection Office

Data Protection Officer

The role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) is to inform and advise the University of all matters relating to the processing of personal data. The DPO guides the University to ensure that its activities and operations involving the handling of personal data are undertaken in conformity with all applicable data protection legislation.     

The training sessions delivered by the DPO aim to introduce the topic of data protection and to provide a practical overview of the principles of data protection, of the rights of data subjects and of personal data breaches. 


Basic Notions of Data Protection and Data Protection Law 

Trainer: Dr Romina Cuschieri - Data Protection Officer

Target Audience: All members of staff working within the University's academic and administrative entities

Duration of session: 2 hours    

Learning outcomes

The session aims to familiarise members of staff with basic notions of data protection, to equip such individuals to recognise data subject requests and actual or suspended personal data breaches, and to provide guidance on the action to be taken in such circumstances.

This training is compulsory for University staff and is part of University's efforts to comply with all applicable data protection legislation.