Basic Notions of Data Protection and Data Protection Law

Trainer: Dr Luisa Spiteri Baluci - Data Protection Officer & Senior Legal Officer
Target Audience: Members of staff working within the University's academic and administrative entities. Each training session will cater for a specific academic or administrative entity to ensure that the Q&A session is more relevant to the needs of the entity.
Duration of session: 2.5 hours     


This training gives an overview of the General Data Protection Regulation and its practice. It will also include a question and answer session.


 Through this training participants should become more aware of the implementation of data protection requirements and related issues. The training will look at:

  • Data protection principles;
  • Data accountability;
  • Rights and the ability to deal with access requests;
  • The role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO);
  • EU regulations and local laws.


The right to privacy is a fundamental human right which is safeguarded and enshrined in the Maltese Constitution. The General Data Protection Regulation provides for the protection of individuals against the violation of their privacy by the processing of personal data. 

The training will assist in developing an in-depth knowledge of methods and notions required in actual alignment with GDPR as well as understanding the requirements brought by the GDPR and how to implement such requirements.

Learning outcomes

After completing the session, you will be able to:

  • define information management issues such as data protection and information security;
  • gain knowledge and skills to identify and manage personal data; 
  • describe the functions of the Regulator; and
  • discuss how this relates to one's role with UM.