Emergency Medical Response

Trainer: Mr Mario Delicata - Health & Safety Officer
Target Audience: Members of staff identified by the Health & Safety team
Course duration: 4 hours 

Course overview 

In this course participants are taught about basic First Aid treatment for the most common injuries or illnesses, such as lacerations, burns, puncture wounds, fractures and the different kind of bandaging required. It provides clear information of what has to be done immediately in case of minor and some major injuries, until professional help arrives. This course provides a basic foundation for pursuing the next step of becoming a First Aider. A certificate of an ‘Appointed Person’ will be issued for those who successfully complete the course.

Course structure

Topics covered training course include:

  • Maltese First Aid Legislation;
  • Accident scene assessment;
  • Levels of consciousness;
  • Positions: Recovery, Fainting, Epileptic fit;
  • Attacks: Panic, Angina, Heart;
  • Anaphylactic shock & Allergic reactions;
  • Choking and Poisoning;
  • Muscular Injuries (Ligaments and tendons);
  • Burns & Scalds;
  • Bleeding control;
  • Bone Injuries;
  • Neck and spinal injuries;
  • Amputations;
  • Resuscitation.