Food Handling Course

Trainer: Mr Joseph Cassar
Target Audience: Staff identified by the Office for Human Resources Management & Development
Course duration: 8 hours (6 contact and 2 self-study and assessment)

Course structure

Topics covered:

  1. The importance of hygiene in the food industry. 
  2. Pathogenic organisms – the potential to cause illness. 
  3. High and low risk foods. 
  4. Causes of food poisonings and how to avoid them. 
  5. Personal health & hygiene: importance; the need to report illness.  
  6. Cross contamination: its causes and prevention.  
  7. Food storage: protection; temperature control; rotation. 
  8. ‘Foreign bodies’ in food: types and prevention. 
  9. Cleaning & disinfection: materials used, methods, storage of detergents. 
  10. Waste disposal: storage and hygienic disposal. 
  11. Pests control: importance of control. 
  12. Legal requirements as per local legislation. 
  13. Any particular topic related to the delegates’ job. 
  14. Instruction on control and monitoring of critical points related to the delegates’ job. 
  15. Information on Animal By- Products 
  16. Allergens


Successful candidates receive a Food Handlers Category B certification, valid for five years.