Human Resources Policies and Procedures

Programme Human Resource Requirements (PHRR) 



Ms Rosanne Debattista –  Administration Specialist – Office for Human Resources Management & Development
Ms Fiona Refalo – Senior Information Management Systems Support Officer - SIMS Office - Office of the Registrar

Target Audience: Administrative members of staff, especially members of staff working within academic entities
Duration of Session: 2.5 hours   

This session is tailor-made for administrative members of staff who are involved in the recruitment procedures of Visiting and Casual staff. It will cover the recruitment procedures required in order to prepare for the following academic year. 

Trainers from the Office for Human Resources Management & Development, the Academic Programmes and Quality Resources Unit and the SIMS Office will be providing training for attendees with regard to data inputting in the Programming Human Resource Requirements (PHRR) system.

Thinking about the Human Resources Aspect in your Unit

Trainer: Ms Jacqueline Fenech - Director 
Target Audience: Managers and Officers in Charge
Duration of Session: 3 hours   

This session is specifically designed for Faculty Officers and Officers in Charge as a management one half day session. The main scope of this session is for the attendees to meet in an environment, which is not the daily office environment so that they may be able to reflect on the HR aspect in their respective Unit, consult and share ideas among themselves and as result be able to attain new initiatives and ideas to implement within their respective Unit.

The trainer will provide the attendees with a series of case studies where they have to take into account their experience and knowledge and consequently come up with ideas and conclusions for the case study assigned to them.