Interview Skills

Interview Skills

Trainer: Ms Jeanette Theuma - Assistant Lecturer - Centre for English Language Proficiency
Target Audience: Members of staff identified by the Office for Human Resources Management & Development
Course duration: 6 hours contact hours, mock interviews and feedback session

Course overview 

Preparation for an interview can make a big difference to the outcome. There are a number of key skills which can help and, by improving these interview skills, a person can develop their ability to answer tough questions, keep calm under pressure and allow the interviewer to see their best side.

Course Structure

This course is designed to introduce and practice important interview skills aimed at increasing the ability to interact effectively with the interviewer and to articulate thoughts clearly. Some of the topics included on the course are:

  • Preparing for the interview
  • Controlling nerves and projecting confidence
  • Keeping interview questions focussed and concise
  • Speaking clearly, cohesively and calmly
  • Active listening 
  • The power of body language

The course is made up of 3 input sessions, a final mock interview and a brief feedback session. The course will feature hands-on activities and trainees will be expected to participate fully.