Technology for teaching and learning continuity

Using Personal Capture to Pre-Record Lectures

Trainer: Ms Naomi Mifsud - Senior IT Specialist II
Target Audience: Academic staff who are new to Lecture Capture
Duration of Session: 2 hours      

Panopto Personal Capture is a tool that you can use to record lecture videos, narrate voice-over-presentations, and capture screencasts from your laptop. The videos are automatically shared through the VLE with your students. This session will demonstrate how to pre-record lectures using Panopto Personal Capture. You will learn how to create your own video recordings at your home or office in a simple and effective way.

This single hands-on workshop (2hrs) covers these topics:
  • adding Lecture Capture activity in the VLE;
  • downloading Panopto Personal Capture to your device; 
  • creating a recording;
  • sharing your recording with students via VLE.

Getting Started with Zoom for Teaching

Trainer: Mr Roderick Mifsud - Senior IT Specialist I
Target Audience: Academic staff who are new to Zoom
Duration of Session: 2 hours      

Zoom is a cloud-based service that you can use for live interactive teaching, online meetings and webinars. With Zoom, students are able to ask questions and interact during the session, and you can also share your presentation and screen. This workshop covers the basic features of Zoom, how to start scheduling Zoom sessions in the VLE, and how to record your lecture sessions using Zoom.

This single workshop (2hrs) covers these topics:
  • activating your UM Zoom account; 
  • downloading Zoom client to your device; 
  • updating Zoom client;
  • creating Zoom sessions in the VLE;
  • inviting other people to your sessions; 
  • adding virtual backgrounds;
  • sharing your presentation and screen; 
  • recording your sessions;
  • moderating your sessions; 
  • accessing and sharing your recordings;
  • using breakout rooms; 
  • downloading attendance reports.

Getting Started with Zoom Webinars

Trainer: Mr Roderick Mifsud - Senior IT Specialist I
Target Audience: Staff who require the use of webinars
Duration of Session: 2 hours   
Prerequisites: Familiarity with Zoom 

Zoom offers a webinar feature that is intended for large audiences or events that are open to the public. In a Zoom webinar, hosts and panelists can share their screens, video and audio, while the webinar attendees make use of the chat and Q&A facilities to interact with them.

This workshop covers all the features available with Zoom webinars, how to start scheduling Zoom webinars, and how to record and live stream webinars on social media. 

This single workshop (2hrs) covers these topics:

  • scheduling a Zoom webinar
  • adding panelists to a webinar
  • inviting attendees to a webinar
  • adding branding to a webinar
  • using the Q&A feature
  • enabling a practice session for your webinar
  • enabling webinar registration
  • overview of the different roles available in a webinar
  • promoting and demoting attendees during a webinar
  • moderating a webinar
  • recording and live streaming a webinar. 

Q&A Sessions on Zoom, VLE and Panopto

Target Audience: Academic staff are familiar with Zoom, VLE and Panopto
Duration of Session: 1 hour      

IT Services are offering online Q&A sessions for academic staff. These Q&A's will be organised for academics who are already familiar with Zoom, VLE and Panopto and would like to ask the support team any questions they might have regarding these platforms.

No registration is required for these sessions. In order to join a session please refer to the links provided in the training calendar


Comparing Google Meet and Zoom for Virtual Meetings

Trainers: Mr Roderick Mifsud & Mr Kurt Borg - Senior IT Specialists I 
Target Audience: Administrative staff who are new to Google Meet or Zoom
Duration of Session: 2 hours   

Google Meet and Zoom are cloud-based services that you can use for virtual meetings. You can schedule meetings, invite participants, interact with them live using a camera and microphone, share your presentation or screen, and record the meeting. This workshop will compare the two services and offer recommendations on when you should use each service for virtual meetings. The workshop will also cover the basic features of Google Meet and Zoom.

This single workshop (2 hrs) covers these topics:

  • comparison between Google Meet and Zoom
  • when to use Google Meet and Zoom
  • introduction to Google Meet and Zoom
  • scheduling Meet virtual meetings using Google Calendar
  • creating a meeting directly from Meet
  • activating your UM Zoom account
  • downloading and installing Zoom to your device
  • installing Zoom Scheduler extension for your browser
  • creating Zoom meetings
  • inviting other people to your Google Meet or Zoom meetings
  • basic features of Google Meet and Zoom