S.A.F.E. Programme

With the creation of the newly set-up Health and Wellness Centre, a concerted effort towards providing a comprehensive and inclusive service for all students and members of staff has been adopted by several key offices within University.

The S.A.F.E. Programme is offered by Aġenzija Sedqa. Professional trainers from Aġenzija Sedqa will be delivering these sessions. All sessions will be organised in the format of a workshop. All participants are provided with a certificate of participation and a pack with preventive material by Aġenzija Sedqa.

Sessions on wellbeing

Participants will gain a deeper insight about:
  • what is stress
  • signs and symptoms of stress (physiological, mental and emotional)
  • stress management skills.

Participants will discuss:
  • how to achieve a healthy work-life balance
  • effective communication and time management skills. 
Teaser video by Sedqa

Participants will discuss:
  • different forms of bullying
  • how bullying affects the employee and the workplace
  • how to tackle bullying.

The S.A.F.E Programme has created a specified workshop to target foreign employees. This workshop aims to create a space where employees can benefit from a discussion-based session which tackles the various challenges they may be facing in relocating to a new country. The tutor will also delve into the consequences and impact of these challenges.

This workshop starts off by placing an emphasis on having a balance between physical and mental health and progresses on to discuss with the participants their perception of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of maintaining such a lifestyle. The session will also delve into stress, stress management and coping techniques. Since the abuse of substances and addictions can be used as a coping mechanism within stressful situations or lifestyles, the tutor will discuss the potential repercussions of these addictions and suggest alternative strategies to assist them in settling down in a new country. 

Sessions on addictions and other emerging trends

During this session participants will discuss:
  • different types of drugs available (including new synthetic drugs) and current trends
  • signs and symptoms of these drugs and their implications in the work environment
  • services available for persons who need help.

During this sessions participants will discuss:
  • the physical and psychological effects of alcohol
  • alternatives to problematic alcohol use
  • the risks of working under the influence of alcohol
  • the risks of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs
  • the law
  • services available for persons who need help.

Participants will gain a deeper insight about:
  • what is compulsive gambling and different types of gambling
  • effects of gambling on the workplace
  • services available for persons who need help.

Participants will gain a deeper insight about:
  • SMART use of technology and how technology affects our everyday life
  • technology and its effects on the physical, mental and social wellbeing
  • cyber bullying and problematic content on the internet.

Target Audience: Officers in charge, managers and supervisors

During the session participants will discuss:
  • recognising signs and symptoms of substance abuse
  • approaching constructively people using/abusing substances through the appropriate communication skills
  • the importance of the formulation of a policy and establishing a referral system 
  • services available for persons who need help.