Academic and managerial

The Academic Resources Fund (ARF) and the Continuous Professional Development Fund (CPD) are operated through the use of a debit card, making these funds easily accessible to all eligible members of staff.

As an academic/managerial members of staff, you will be provided with a Bank of Valletta Visa Cashlink card. Further information regarding use of this card can be found on Bank of Valletta’s website. You can make use of this debit card both locally and abroad, including purchasing over the internet.

Whilst the debit card will remain the property of the University of Malta, each individual will have a specific bank account designated to him/her. In the case of managerial staff, the annual work resource allocation will be deposited in the debit card bank account in the beginning of the calendar year. The allocation for academics is deposited in the beginning of the academic year.

Please refer to pages 25-33 of the Manual of Conduct & Procedures for the Academic Resources Policy and Procedure Guidelines. You are encouraged to familiarise yourself with this document in particular Section 3.6, ‘Conditions of Participation’, since strict adherence to these policies is mandatory.

Please note that all the documents are available on intranet and therefore you need to log in using your UM IT Account username and password to access these documents.

Newly recruited members of staff are kindly requested to fill in the required forms and call personally with a copy of their identity card at the Office for HRMD, Room 215, Administration Building from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 12:00.

The Office for HRMD will contact members of staff individually to collect the debit cards when the necessary paperwork and processes have been finalised. Consequently the member of staff can activate their card as indicated in the guidelines on the Bank of Valletta website.