Frequently Asked Questions

Expenditure reports

Members of staff who have access to Academic Work Resources and Continuous Professional Development are obliged to submit an expenditure report to cover their expenses utilised through their Bank of Valletta debit card. Kindly be informed that submitting the expenditure report is an obligation and a requirement for the allocation of future funds.

  • Full-time members of staff and members of staff employed in the Resident Academic Stream are required to submit the expenditure report once a year to cover the academic year commencing from October to September. The report is to be submitted by not later than the end of October of the respective year.
  • Members of staff employed in the Visiting Academic Stream are required to submit the expenditure report once a year to cover the academic year commencing from October to September. The report is to be submitted by not later than the end of September of the respective year.
  • Managerial staff are required to send the expenditure report covering the calendar year by end of January of the following year.
The Office for Human Resources Management & Development regularly issues notices on Newspoint whenever an expenditure report is due and a deadline is issued accordingly. Kindly keep yourself informed on the deadlines or any changes in the submission guidelines which will be posted on Newspoint.
A soft copy of the report along with the scans of the original relevant receipts should be sent by email. The expenditure report template is updated annually and is available for download.

Soft copies of the relevant invoices, receipts and supporting documents are also required to substantiate the report. Kindly note that hard copies are not accepted. Kindly send a soft copy of the aforementioned documents via e-mail. The original copies of the documents should be retained by the respective members of staff in case that they are required for an audit. In the case that members of staff are unable to send a soft copy of the relevant documents, they are still requested to send the expenditure report via e-mail and should retain the original copies of the documents.

The Finance Office undertakes the task to carry out audits to ensure that expenditure is in compliance with the policies and procedures as set out in the Manual of Conduct & Procedures.
If you already have a personal BoV account, you can contact our office so that we can take care of your request.
In case that a statement is required from Bank of Valletta in order to assist you in submitting the expenditure report, kindly send an email indicating your identity card number, bank account number and the period covering the statement. Kindly be informed that this service incurs a fee from Bank of Valletta in order to cover the printing charges. This will be directly debited from your account.
Yes, funds are transferable up to a maximum of two years’ funds as outlined in the Collective Agreement.
When a member of staff is due to retire or terminates their appointment with the University, they are required to submit a final expenditure report and return their card to the Office for Human Resources Management and Development at least two weeks prior to their termination. Kindly note that this is a compulsory procedure and those members of staff who fail to follow this procedure will be liable to return their allocation to the University of Malta if this procedure is not followed.
For further information regaring approved electronic equipment refer to page 30, Section 3.5 - Eligible Expenditure of the Manual of Conduct & Procedures. If this item is not indicated in the Manual of Conduct & Procedures, you are advised to send a request by email explaining what you wish to purchase and the reason for the purchase, prior to purchasing any electronic equipment.
No, you can purchase electronic equipment from any supplier of your choice. The approved providers and quotes serve as a guidance.
Yes, you can, subject to availability of funds.
No, you can use the services of a travel agency of your choice.
No, this is not allowed. You can withdraw cash from a BoV ATM.
No, this is not allowed.
You are required to inform our office on ext. 3288 immediately (within 24 hours).  A fee of €5.00 is charged by the bank.
No, this is not allowed. If your account is overdrawn, the funds will be deducted from the following year’s allocation of funds.


Internet subscription claims

The maximum internet subscription rate permitted is €30 per month.

If you have subscribed to an internet only service, you can pay your subscription fee using your debit card. You can then follow the standard procedures to complete your expenditure report and present the relevant receipts.

If you have subscribed to a bundle of communication services (e.g. fixed & mobile telephony, TV & Internet), you should settle the payment and then use your debit card to withdraw funds that amount to the equivalent internet only service. How does this work?

If you purchase a bundle that includes, for example a 12Mbps/512kbps Internet connection:

  • Check the monthly cost of the internet connection speed e.g. 12Mbps/512kbps.
  • Use your debit card to withdraw enough funds that will cover your monthly internet connection.
  • In the expenditure report record the amount of money withdrawn from your debit card to cover your internet service for a 12 month period.
  • It is important to retain and present the bundle receipt provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) as evidence that your internet subscription is part of a bundle. 

When you purchase a bundle, do keep a record of the connection speed (e.g. 12Mbps/512kbps, 15Mbps/1Mbps or 20Mbps/1Mbps etc) included in the bundle.

From time to time, your provider may upgrade your connection speed at no additional cost and inform you about the new connection speed. It is important that you know what connection speed you are on so that you can:

  • withdraw the correct amount of funds from your debit card and
  • enter the correct claims in your expenditure report