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IAT Decision Support Tool Evaluated at NLR
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Thursday 15 October 2015

A decision support tool developed by the Institute of Aerospace Technologies as part of the ACROSS research project has just completed two weeks of pilot evaluations at the flight simulation facilities of the Dutch national aerospace research laboratory (NLR). The tool was evaluated by 10 crews of commercial airline pilots with a wide range of flying experience. The evaluations were carried out on the NLR GRACE full-flight simulator after several months of collaborative integration, validation and testing by members of staff of the IAT and NLR. The results of these evaluations are now being analysed by the IAT and the conclusions will be published as part of the final assessment report which will be completed later on this year.


View of the simulator setup used for the evaluation of the IAT decision support tool


View of the flight simulator control room

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Radio Mocha Malta

On Saturday, 7th October Dr Jason Gauci, Dr Robert Camilleri and Professor David Zammit Mangion we'll be on Radju Malta discussing with Danielle the research being done at the Institute. We will be on air at 11.05 a.m. during the programme "Radio Mocha Malta".

Interview - Twelve to 3

Institute of Aerospace Technologies Academics interviewed on Twelve to 3 television programme


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