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IAT Decision Support Tool Evaluated at NLR

Thursday 15 October 2015

A decision support tool developed by the Institute of Aerospace Technologies as part of the ACROSS research project has just completed two weeks of pilot evaluations at the flight simulation facilities of the Dutch national aerospace research laboratory (NLR). The tool was evaluated by 10 crews of commercial airline pilots with a wide range of flying experience. The evaluations were carried out on the NLR GRACE full-flight simulator after several months of collaborative integration, validation and testing by members of staff of the IAT and NLR. The results of these evaluations are now being analysed by the IAT and the conclusions will be published as part of the final assessment report which will be completed later on this year.


View of the simulator setup used for the evaluation of the IAT decision support tool


View of the flight simulator control room


IAT Staff Win Best Paper of Session Award

Thursday 17 September 2015

Researchers at the Institute of Aerospace Technologies won a Best Paper of Session Award for their paper A Decision Support Tool for Weather and Terrain Avoidance During Departure.

This paper was presented by Dr Jason Gauci at the 34th Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC) which was held in Prague, Czech Republic between the 13th and 17th of September.

This paper focuses on a decision support tool which was developed as part of the ACROSS research project to assist commercial airline pilots during the departure phase of flight in order to avoid weather and terrain hazards. The authors of the paper are: Ms Nathalie Cauchi, Mr Kevin Theuma, Mr Christian Zammit, Dr Jason Gauci, and Prof. Ing. David Zammit Mangion.



TOUCH FLIGHT Dissemination Event

Wednesday 11 March 2015

The Institute of Aerospace Technologies (IAT) at the University of Malta organised a half-day event within the Faculty of ICT in order to disseminate the results of research conducted within the Touch-Flight project.

Touch-Flight is a national R&I project funded by MCST and is a collaboration between the University of Malta and QuAero Ltd, a Maltese aviation consultancy company. The project is developing new methods to control aircraft using touch technologies.

The event started with a welcome address by the IAT Chairman Professor Ernest Cachia and the IAT Director Professor Ing. David Zammit Mangion, followed by addresses from the MCST Chairman Dr Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando and the Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Innovation, Youth and Sport Hon. Chris Agius. Speakers then proceeded to explain the research carried out in the project, with presentations by Captain Alan Muscat from QuAero Ltd, and Ms Nathalie Cauchi, Mr Kevin Theuma and Dr Jason Gauci from the IAT. 

The event was well attended by representatives from various sectors of the aviation industry in Malta, MCST, students and the press.

Touchflight research team

 The TOUCH FLIGHT research team

Hon Chris Agius addressing the audience 

Hon. Chris Agius addressing the audience


Call for applications for research support officer

A full-time post is available for a Research Support Officer I to work on eMRO research project. Click here for more information.



IAT wins TAKEOFF Seed Fund Award

Friday 4 September 2015

The Institute of Aerospace Technologies was one of the winners within the Proof of Concept category of the second TAKEOFF Seed Fund Award.

The funding will be used for the commercialisation of a flight optimisation tool which will allow airlines estimated savings of up to 75kg of fuel per flight.

An application for funding had been submitted and presented to the award programme selection committee by Dr Ing. Kenneth Chircop and Prof. Ing. David Zammit Mangion from the institute.

More details on this award can be found here.



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IAT Timetables



Institute of Aerospace Technologies Timetables

Meeting with Latécoère and ONERA

The Institute of Aerospace Technologies recently had a workshop with representatives from Latécoère and ONERA. Latécoère is a French aircraft company which works closely with the major aircraft manufacturers (such as Airbus and Boeing) and airlines and specialises in areas including avionics racks, test benches, harnesses and sensors. On the other hand, ONERA is the French aeronautics, space and defense research lab. The IAT has worked with both of these entities in past research projects, including ALICIA.

IAT Scholarship for Master of Science

Applications for the scholarship are invited to support full-time studies in Aerospace within the Institute of Aerospace Technologies leading to the award of the degree of Master of Science in Aerospace (by research).


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