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14/12/2017      Has our public transport failed the elderly? 


20/11/2017      Malta's transport policy driving against climate change direction 


24/09/2017      Get app and move - New app supports travel behaviour change 


03/09/2017       Is this the transport solution for University students? 


23/08/2017     App gdida se tipprovdi taghrif dwar is-sitwazzjoni tat-traffiku madwar il-Belt


22/08/2017      Malta’s average temperature increased 1°C in 70 years... and experts warn of more frequent heatwaves 


14/08/2017     Malta trid tipprepara ghal iktar mewgiet ta' shana u gharghar


10/08/2017    Id-decizjoni ta' Donald Trump ma taffettwax lil Malta 


09/08/2017       University cannot have anymore parking spaces 


04/06/2017     CAMP-sUmp Project to encourage low-carbon, energy-efficient mobility 



Prof.  Maria Attard presented her talk on ... and what about our mobility? at the TEDx University of Malta Conference


25/02/2017   Ix-xewqa li jitnaqqas l-uzu tal-karozzi 


12/02/2017          Bus stop vicin id-dar mhix bizzejjed 


12/02/2017           Bus stop vicin id-dar mhix bizzejjed 


ONE News Malta        Ic-cittadin ikejjel eko Ghawdex


08/02/2017          Letturi joholqu app biex iheggu studenti jmorru l-Universita minghajr karozzi



Multigas announces environmental dissertation competition winners

The Sunday Times of Malta

The Malta Independent on Sunday     



09/01/2017       Park your car and hop on to a 'flexible' van 



13/11/2016      Researchers discuss paths to a low-carbon economy



The Business OBSERVER (distributed with Times of Malta)    Mass Transport... and other measures 


19/10/2016     Is mobile-app solution to Malta's rush-hour gridlock?


14/10/16         When roads lead to a standstill    PDF


July 2016

The Architect Magazine      Sustainable mobility and the use of public space in historic village cores: Lija as a case study



The Malta Business Weekly    Sustainable mobility seminar at MCCEI 


15/06/2016     University students told to share travel information on smartphone app



Times of Malta    Education is key to improving traffic


4 April 2016

TV Programme - Maltarti

Prof Maria Attard contributed to a programme of the Malta Arts Council on digital maps and GIS 



December 2015

Money Magazine

Issue 34   The Road to Technology


December 2015/January 2016 

The Commercial Courier, the publication of The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry

Issue 63    Malta's traffic situation reaches fever pitch


13/12/2015       The road ahead 


03/12/2015    Shared demand responsive transport project 



News on Campus    Sustainable Urban Transport, Transport and Sustainability, volume 7  


23/08/2015      Give technology the green light - We need to get smart with traffic congestion



The Times of Malta     Finding the right location - Geographic information can support business and investment decisions       Finding the right location - Geographic information can support business and investment decisions 


06/08/2015         Maltese politics is stuck in traffic, too 


19/07/2015        Planning the route to collaboration - Public participation GIS can make local planning more effective, says Johann Attard



Mr Carlos Canas Sanz, Research Officer I at the ICCSD and Physics Department placed second in the competition. Following, are the published articles related to the competition.


04/06/2015                             The Innovation Challenge: Go Green                      Progetti ambjentali innovattivi proposti miz-zghazagh            Jitħabbru r-rebbieħa tal-Innovation Challenge: Go Green 

09/06/2015                         Eco-Purifier wins the Innovation Challenge 

12/06/2015                 Finalists of Innovation Challenge to get their work published by APS Bank

14/06/2015               Water purifier wins green challenge 

15/06/2015   Antoine Galea the winner of Innovation Challenge: Go Green 



The Times of Malta     Taking back our streets



News on Campus     University of Malta Study makes headlines on ELTIS - The Urban Mobility Observatory  



ELTIS The urban mobility observatory   Valletta’s pioneering congestion charge (Malta)  



The Times of Malta    There's no quick fix to air pollution issue 


05/05/2015   Theatres Audit launched as part of national Cultural Mapping project


05/05/2015     Traffic pollution costs country €14 million a year 


05/05/2015     Theatres Audit launched as part of national Cultural Mapping project 


05/05/2015   Zvelata mappa kulturali ta' Malta u Ghawdex


ELTIS The urban mobility observatory   Shift to public transport would save Malta € 132m

26/04/2015   Relieving traffic congestion: when planning isn't enough         PDF version



The Times of Malta    Unclogging Traffic Arteries 



The Times of Malta ENVIRONMENT     The Economic Cost of Climate Change


30/01/2015   Il-Maltin iqattghu 52 siegha mwahhlin fit-traffiku fis-sena 


30/01/2015      Maltese spend 52 hours stuck in traffic every year 



09/11/2014     Malta - Sicily transport project



The Sunday Times of Malta Business & Finance   Fill up on Green 



The Malta Independent    58,000 more cars on the road in last 10 years: New measures needed to handle traffic flow 


20/09/2014      Free park and ride on Car Free Day 


28/07/2014     Gendered mobility: what future? 


08/07/2014      Jaqdef u jnizzel il-postijiet kulturali fil-gzejjer Maltin  


28/01/2014    Transport problems, experts and discourse



30/12/2013    Students urged to bike it to University


19/12/2013    When elderly miss the bus


06/12/2013      The Fear of Handling Cars
The Times of Malta    The Fear of Handling Cars 


17/11/2013    University appoints Cycling Ambassadors


10/11/2013    Project to improve Malta and Sicily’s accessibility


Gozo   STREETS Project launched to improve accessibility to Malta and Sicily


31/10/2013   Transport policy that works


27/10/2013   University travel website launched


22/10/2013     Custom Travel Information for University users


14/07/2013    Promoting greener travel by encouraging bus use


Times of Malta ENVIRONMENT    Mapping our route



ISD Conference

23/12/2012  Where we must go sustainably


Technology on Sunday Supplement   Achieving sustainable mobility through research


11/11/2012    Sustainable mobility in Malta


01/11/2012    Transport research in a practice event


The Times Business   Transport research in a practice event


The Malta Independent on Sunday   First National Conference by the Institute for Sustainable Development 


The Malta Independent Online    National Conference on Sustainable Mobility


The Malta Business Weekly     First National Conference organised by the Institute for Sustainable Development


Malta Today  SmartCity Malta - Institute for Sustainable Development Conference


30/10/2011  University implementing its first green travel plan


July/August 2011
MONEY  Bright Green Ideas

The Sunday Times  GIS Summer School

The Sunday Times  The what, where and how of GIS according to Professor Paul Longley.


Il-Ġens Illum
Times of Malta  Skola Sajf fl-Università ta' Malta  GIS Summer School Completed
The Summer School in Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Data Management at the University of Malta in collaboration with UCL and University of Portsmouth was successfully completed again for the third consecutive year.

Times of Malta  New courses – Master of Science by Research
The Institute for Sustainable Development will be offering a Master of Science (by research) based on individual research starting next October 2010.

Times of Malta  Finding our Position
Dr Maria Attard tells how Geographic Information Systems and Interdisciplinary research can lead to better decision-making.

Times of Malta   Happy Buzzword Fetishists  - Dr Leo Brincat
Dr Leo Brincat shares his opinion on the Times of Malta about the concept of Sustainable Development and the launch of the Institute.

Times of Malta

University sets up Institute for Sustainable Development
University launches Institute for Sustainable Development
University of Malta launches Institute for Sustainable Development
The Institute for Sustainable Development within the University of Malta was launched by The Prime Minister Dr Lawrence Gonzi at the Aula Magna Valletta Campus on Friday 22 January.







1st International Transport Symposium in Sozhou

New Approaches to Transport and Urban Sustainability in China International Symposium

Launch of VJAGG

Welcome to the vjaġġ App provided by the the University of Malta with the support of the Vodafone Malta Foundation: Connecting for Good Projects.   Read more ...

Until further notice Vjagg Server will be intermittently unavailable over the Christmas Recess period.


RIDT Grant Scheme

Understanding traffic patterns and travel behavior to support sustainable mobility

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