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Until further notice Vjagg Server  will be intermittently unavailable over the Christmas Recess period


Welcome to the vjaġġ App provided by the the University of Malta with the support of the Vodafone Malta Foundation: Connecting for Good Projects. 

This mobile application seamlessly collects data about journeys carried out by the user throughout the day. The information gives us valuable insight into the travel needs of individuals and the population, which are essential for our research in transport.
The user gives us only general ​personal ​information​,​ namely gender, age group, relationship to the University, and whether s/he has access to a car (this information is collected once, when the user signs up to the App). The data ​will only be used for statistical and demographic purposes in relation to the study. Once provided, this information, is tied with the journey data in our database only through a unique code, and is never transmitted again. ​The data is completely anonymous. A user can also choose to reset the unique identifier code and create a new one at any point. The App also gives the user complete control to start and stop the logging process, and the journey data is not sent automatically to our servers but requires the user's active intervention, at which point certain journeys may be annotated and sent, or simply deleted.

Use of the vjaġġ App is restricted to persons who are 18 years or older, and is completely voluntary.



vjaġġ is currently only supported on Android Version 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and upwards. It is a Beta version so any feedback you can send us would be greatly appreciated in order for us to improve the App.

The application can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store.  

*Note: If you are running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) you may need to temporarily disable any app with Screen Overlays (such as CleanMaster) while you grant permission to the VJAGG App to use the GPS. This is a new Android Security feature that does not allow two apps to control the screen simultaneously while changing settings (which is required to allow our app to track you). Apps like CleanMaster tend to intrusively take control of the screen even while another app is running, which interferes with the permission request. If you have any issues contact us here

We thank you for your support. Enjoy vjaġġ!! 



Using the Application is quite straightforward. You can enable tracking by pressing on the Track Me button, and disable it via the Stop Tracking button. You can then view the journeys which the algorithm picked up before forwarding those you deem correct to our server. The latter operation can be done daily or weekly as you prefer. The help screen gives more detailed information on how to navigate its various features. To access this, from the main view, open the Context Menu (3 white dots on the top right) and click on Help.


The preferred way to install the app is through Google Play Store. The APK's below are provided for historical purposes.


Download AppVersionDateDescription
vjagg_launcher0.3.12 (Beta)16 June 2016First public Beta Release
vjagg_launcher0.4.02 (Beta)23 September 2016Second public Beta Release
vjagg_launcher0.4.03 (Beta)27 September 2016

Improvements to the GUI

Trip Mode allows multiple choice

vjagg_launcher1.01.02 (Release)11 October 2016

Release Version

Accelerometer Usage for Improved Battery Efficiency

Possibility of Time-Based Starting/Stopping Logging automatically


The application is currently in its beta-testing phase and we welcome any and all suggestions for improvements. If you would like to report bugs/issues or you have any queries/comments about using the application, please contact the principal developer here












Last Updated: 20 December 2016

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