Delivery and duration

The program will be delivered over 3 semesters (approximately 12 months) on a full-time basis starting in late September. Throughout the first and second semesters, Classes are held on a block basis allowing for each study module to have a pre-reading period, a delivery period, and a post-delivery period. The summer semester will be devoted to a dissertation. Attendance is obligatory and students must attend at least 75% of the lectures and complete all assigned work.

The pre-reading period will mostly take place in the week prior to the start of the actual delivery period. This period is dedicated to individual reading, group discussion, and study sessions. The pre-reading period will ensure that students are prepared for the intense instruction delivered by visiting international academics and University of Malta faculty. The delivery period consists of regular class sessions that take place daily over a week or more depending on the number of hours allotted to the study unit.

The post-delivery period can potentially overlap with a pre-reading period of the next unit. It will be devoted to a final paper, case assignment or a final examination as an exercise to conclude and synthesise the study module.

This course is offered at the historic Valletta campus of the University of Malta. 

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