MA in Transcultural Counselling

The M.A. in Transcultural Counselling is a collaborative degree programme offered by the University of Malta and the University of New Orleans. The programme brings together cohorts of international students and an outstanding teaching faculty that includes academics from Europe and the US. 

The mission of the M.A. in Transcultural Counselling is to train world counsellors who are able to serve diverse populations worldwide. Graduates of this programme are global citizens who as counsellors possess a sense of social responsibility and global civic engagement, as well as global competence. To this end, the foundation of the programme is the development of transcultural counselling competency. The programme promotes an understanding of and sensitivity to cultural diversity as it is reflected worldwide and a broader view of the sociocultural context surrounding counselling.

The programme will provide students with a solid knowledge base and a broad spectrum of counselling skills and competencies necessary to work in a variety of counselling settings. The programme is intended to equip students with knowledge of counselling theories and skills, as well as provide them with the opportunity to practice these skills under supervision and to undertake their own research efforts.


Why study for a degree in "Transcultural Counselling”? 


If the counselling profession is to have an impact globally, it will require individuals with the awareness, knowledge and skills to address worldwide challenges to mental health and wellbeing. As global interconnectedness narrows the physical and social distance between people, the future of counsellor training lies in preparing professionals with a global perspective.

The transcultural aspect of the curriculum is reflected by the international makeup of both the teaching faculty and the expected student population. While the curriculum continues to provide students with traditional counsellor training, the international composition of the programme will also provide them with a wider exchange of cultural viewpoints and experiences surrounding contemporary counselling theory and practice. 

The programme is offered by the Department of Counselling at the University of Malta and the Department of Educational Leadership, Counseling, and Foundations (ELCF) at the University of New Orleans. Both institutions contribute to the experienced teaching faculty of the programme, thus exposing students to both a European and a US perspective of transcultural counselling. 

The delivery of the programme starts with each academic year in September. The course duration is spread over 2 years.

Applications for admission will be accepted on a rolling basis with periodic reviews. The admission requirements for the course are (i) an undergraduate Honours degree (second class or higher) from a recognised institution; (ii) three letters of recommendation; and (iii) certified English language proficiency. All candidates will be asked to sit for an interview. Prospective students are advised to consult the Admission Requirements page on this website for more details.

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