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The Master's programme in Environmental Management and Sustainability {formerly known as MSc Sustainable Environmental Resources Management (SERM)} is an accelerated, 12-month, international dual degree programme. Students completing the programme receive a Master of Science degree from both JMU and the University of Malta, providing them with an educational credential that can be used both in the US and European Union markets. 

The programme starts in September and ends the following August. All coursework is undertaken in Malta between September and May and students work independently during the summer months to complete a capstone project. The degree is flexible, and enables each student to design a programme of studies that meets their long-term career goals. The curriculum provides a foundation for both natural resource conservation as well as sustainability management.

 Professor Cassar at Maremma Park - Italy

       "The strongest element for me was the connection with the US and Europe - to understand the environment from many different perspectives in all the sessions throughout the coursework." 


The educational benefits of the programme are not limited to the classroom. As a small Mediterranean island, Malta is a wonderful living laboratory for the study and practice of sustainability. A number of field experiences provide a hands-on feel for both sustainable technologies and resource conservation. The field experience includes  site work at a nature park in Italy.

Expert faculty from both the University of Malta and JMU are involved in all teaching and instruction, providing participants with valuable international viewpoints.  Intercultural awareness and deepened self-confidence grow from working with students and faculty from around the world.

Graduates will become well versed in the science of environmental sustainability and management and acquire an understanding of its practical applications. The programme is appropriate for both recent graduates and for those who are already working. It will allow you to experience sustainability challenges first-hand and significantly enhance your employment prospects.

Valley Dwejra Gozo 

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