Academic year 2017/8

The Ceremonial Crest, has been retained and will be used by the Office of the Rector and for special occasions celebrated by the University of Malta, including the Opening of the Academic Year, Graduation ceremonies, Honoris Causa ceremonies, and similar occasions.

Rector focused this year's opening ceremony speech on the importance of research and the need to question knowledge constantly.

In his address Rector drew on the visionary work undertaken by Wilhelm von Humboldt in Prussia which led to a whole rethinking behind the rationale for universities in Europe and elsewhere.

Professor Vella argued that research should not only be undertaken to address the pressing needs dictated by industry but also to reflect the true spirit of von Humboldt's premise that knowledge is something still not completely discovered and never completely discoverable.

The issue of plagiarism was another theme of this year's speech by the Rector. He cautioned on the ever increasing temptation for students to plagiarise the work of others, citing readily available resources on the internet as contributing to this phenomenon.

By way of conclusion Professor Vella acknowledged that obtaining a degree was in no way a walk in the park but involved the right balance between studying, research and full involvement in student life, which should help all Freshers reach their academic goals.

Rector later opened the KSU Fresher’s Week.

Inauguration Mass at the University Chapel was celebrated by Chaplain Rev. Fr Mark Cachia.

*The University Wind Ensemble operates as part of the DegreePlus Programme, an initiative of the University of Malta

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