Viginia Phillips - Class 2010

'I am currently gainfully employed with a Colorado environmental consulting company developing, implementing, and managing their division in clean energy and sustainability.

Having grown up overseas and then moving to the US for my adulthood, it was a great pleasure to once again cross the ocean and immerse myself in a culture new to me. Malta provides the perfect environment in which to study the management of natural resources. Having just joined the EU in 2004, Malta is in an on-going process of adapting to more stringent EU environmental regulations. Furthermore, Malta is one of the most densely populated countries in the world with very little natural resources; therefore, the challenge lies in creating a relatively self-sustaining environment while supporting today's and tomorrow's generations. In short, Malta is the perfect playground for environmental scientists and policy makers. Not to mention the fact that you're on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean! Grazzi Malta and SERM/ISAT!

Personally, I would advise you to get involved with Malta and the people; expand your horizons beyond the classroom. Malta is a diverse and unique country. There are many groups that will welcome you into their fold. For example, Greenhouse Malta and Green Drinks Malta are both extremely active societies in various local issues. I'm also a mountain biker and was at first a bit skeptical about the given terrain accommodating my love for this sport having come from Colorado. Nonetheless, I bought a bike from Jack at his shop in San Gwann, The Cyclist. He's a generous man and upon my leave of Malta bought my bike back when I left. My concerns about Malta's terrain were quickly assuaged. I joined a group of guys who went riding every Sunday morning. When we met they were decked out in their downhill gear. I was confused, but soon learned why. Malta offers awesome technical riding! You literally can ride your bike anywhere and everywhere which a group of my SERM comrades and I did on a regular basis. Just riding on the roads is an adrenaline rush! Whatever you're looking for, I'm sure Malta can provide for you. So investigate, get out there and hands on'.

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